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joey1058 Member since 2009/03/17

Joe has settled down to wait for the Singularity. He visits web pages to expound on the wave of the future. He lives in Gladstone, MI.

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  • commented on 2017/04/02 06:13

    82% and 91%?! Daniel Choo, those numbers are freaking insane!!!!! I know I've fallen off the radar as far as posting comments, but I need to say that I'm totally floored with those numbers! *picks my jaw up off the floor and continues* I absolutely love the new name "Mirai Mannequin Machine". Robotics aside, have you ever considered pairing Mirai up to an Amazon Echo? I'd bet that would be super cool and geeky! My deepest respects and hearty congratulations to achieving the goals that many said were not possible!

  • commented on 2016/08/11 06:03

    It's nice to see other parts of the city besides the tourist traps. And with the 2020 olympics coming, it's good to know about other parts.

  • commented on 2016/07/16 04:40

    I dunno, DC... personally, this is an uncanny valley moment for me. I'm sure the idea will sell like crazy. but I am uncomfortable with a smartwatch "embedded" in the kids' tummies. Good luck sir!

  • commented on 2015/09/25 03:59

    This looks delicious!

  • commented on 2015/04/02 21:54

    His body came out very believeable, DC. But you really need to provide an option for "bee stings" for those that want them.

  • commented on 2015/04/02 21:41

    I believe that you have created the initial body for smart doll plus. I also believe that the Japanese government would forbid you to do certain things with it. But I have fallen for your April Fools jokes in the past, so I am naturally wary of putting any faith in this story. And lastly "if" the smart doll plus will walk, you're going to have headaches with gyro and balance. So I'm going to quietly watch this one from the sidelines and wait for video. Because I know you will post a video just as soon as you can.

  • commented on 2015/03/02 01:31

    I would vote for a Batman Smart Doll.

  • commented on 2015/02/27 00:40

    Beautiful hair!

  • commented on 2015/02/21 11:24

    Awesome pose!

  • commented on 2015/02/03 22:47

    Wow, DC, you must have JUST posted this, I'm never the first to comment. LOL You once again have made me think outside the box. I never considered listing my DeviantArt account as part of my resume. I'll get to that right now. Not that I'm looking to work in the Anime/Manga field, but it is a good thing to do! Thanks!

  • commented on 2015/01/16 06:59

    It must have been cold that day!

  • commented on 2014/12/09 01:36

    Thanks much for the w3 schools link! I've been looking for a proper site to update my HTML with. None of the HTML tutorial sites I've been finding have been helping. Once again DC and Culture Japan pulls through for me!

  • commented on 2014/12/02 01:13

    I used to see similar trucks back in Chicago just before I moved to Michigan. They weren't illuminated then. I imagine they are now.

  • commented on 2014/05/07 22:58

    Is this a Danny Choo or a Jimmy Choo shoe effort?

  • commented on 2014/04/01 23:40

    Doggone it, I almost fell for it again!

  • commented on 2014/03/29 17:48

    Now all it needs is a flux capacitor. :-)

  • commented on 2014/03/18 23:34

    OMG, Mr. Choo. I saw this post and my dolphin jumped. Mobile World Congress?! I hope you realize just how importantly you've influenced people there. I just felt a quantum shift happen. When you go back (not if), yes, do wear a casual suit jacket. I'm so freaking proud of you!!! I gotta go cool off, this was so freaking awesome...............

  • commented on 2014/03/14 17:53

    Great details!

  • commented on 2014/02/05 01:11

    Nice repurposing of space!

  • commented on 2014/01/31 05:41

    Gratuitous fan service!

  • commented on 2014/01/22 09:39

    OMG. A king's ransom!

  • commented on 2014/01/10 07:27

    Well, this is interesting. I always thought most anime girls' artwork was over-emphasized. And now I see this young woman's, uh, "access port". Japan has no need to worry about "thunder thighs".

  • commented on 2014/01/02 00:14

    Happy New Year to you and yours, DC. :-)

  • commented on 2014/01/02 00:01

    This is my first time seeing Danny in a cap other than his wool beanie!

  • commented on 2013/12/04 20:36

    "...And many think it's the world's happiest robot." Yeah, I'd say so! LOL