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    2009/04/19 01:15

    Haha. Didn't pay much attention to the chest, but on closer inspection...it is indeed a guy.

    on dannychoo.com Korean Version

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    2009/04/19 00:38

    I love the one on the right in the Gothic Lolita style skirt with the Lucky Star ita guitar.

    on dannychoo.com Korean Version

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    2009/04/19 00:32

    I'm going to have to brush up on my Korean too. I'll probably start off by trying to read your blog in Korean. Here's a SNSD...

    on dannychoo.com Korean Version

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    2009/04/16 23:12

    Thanks for another fun and interesting Week in Tokyo article, Danny. I always come back to read these even if I miss your other...

    on A Week in Tokyo 37

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    2009/04/03 03:57

    No problem with it for the most part. Only I do think that it should be used as a part of daily cleaning rather than primping y...

    on Japanese Men Makeup

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    2009/04/01 10:02

    My goodness, so many comments. The dakimakura and oppai mouse pad look great, Danny!

    on Mirai Suenaga Merchandise

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    2009/03/30 09:58

    I obviously own a dog (pictured as my avatar). ^^ The prices for dogs don't really seem that expensive. Pure bred dogs, espe...

    on Japan Outlet Mall

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    2009/03/27 11:32

    I'd come up with a good name, but I got distracted too. :P

    on Mirai Inc New Secretary

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    2009/03/25 08:25

    Wow, it's actually called Cat Shit One. LOL

    on Cat Shit One

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    2009/03/25 07:27

    I'm still gaming (Dawn of War 2 at the moment), but not nearly as much as I used to. I think that will change when some upcomin...

    on Japanese Gaming Population

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    2009/03/22 10:02

    I believe that the English rap part was performed by Nicole Jung who's Korean American.

    on KPop - Kara

  • commented
    2009/03/16 11:39

    Haha, very cute!

    on Hungry Dollfie

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    2009/03/12 18:37

    Woo cute!

    on Mirai Desktop Buddy

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    2009/03/12 00:07

    My goodness, Danny, that Sushi looks amazing. I wouldn't have any hesitation scarfing that down.

    on 7pm in Tokyo - Shotengai

  • commented
    2009/03/12 00:04

    It's so tiny, yet I don't think I'd like something without manual controls. I'd be paranoid that something will foul up my abil...

    on iPod Small Talk

  • commented
    2009/03/12 00:02

    Seeing Ryuk from Death Note in there is hilarious.

    on Taiwan Otaku Textbook

  • commented
    2009/03/10 10:57

    Too bad the Strait Times somewhat marred an almost perfect time in Singapore. Unfortunately, I'm in the crowd that can't st...

    on A Week in Singapore

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    2009/03/10 02:48

    I buy the big 50 lb bags at my local Costco. The wife and I go through one in about a month. :p We eat a lot rice. Even my dog ...

    on Japanese Rice

  • commented
    2009/03/10 01:12

    Kim Ha Neul is one of my wife's favorite actresses too. I've watched Jeon Ji-Hyun for a long time now...seems like she's grown ...

    on Last Blood Movie

  • commented
    2009/03/10 01:03

    haha good one!

    on Empire Must Queue

  • commented
    2009/03/10 00:59

    That's actually better looking than the other Yoko you reviewed here. Quite surprised considering how good other one looked.

    on Yoko Movie Version

  • commented
    2009/03/09 09:32

    Seems like there's a lot of shows, but not very many worth watching (or to be fair, many that are not as well known). It's in c...

    on 2009 Spring Anime

  • commented
    2009/03/05 10:34

    Danny, haven't you done enough damage to my wallet? :( Incidentally, I like #10. ^^

    on Mirai Merchandise

  • commented
    2009/03/05 05:23

    Wow, so pretty!

    on World Is Mine Miku

  • commented
    2009/03/02 20:22

    There's no way I'd host even a part of my server, and I'm awed that you have enough confidence in your skills that you code, QA...

    on 7pm in Tokyo - Server Fun

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