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31 year old ossan, born and raised in Amsterdam. Loves going to Japan, music, live gigs and photography. Currently working at Frog Design, and being a freelance pro-photographer on the side.

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  • commented on 2015/07/26 22:09

    I guess on the flip-side that also means he could sell them cheaper if he sent the unbuilt kits straight to customers (who choose to build it themselves) - less labor cost after all.

  • commented on 2015/07/26 22:07

    " I made this video because doing the orientation took time. Now we expect folks to watch this video before coming into the office to take the challenge. " So I`m guessing they did the orientation manually, by explaining it in person . But yes... i see your point. Even if explained manually (and thus taking up Danny's time or somebody else's) ... if you have the video online. You could watch it any number of times and study it carefully as opposed to having a 1 shot explanation.

  • commented on 2015/07/26 21:23

    Danny basically said it in the article, every kit used for a challenge is a kit they can't sell = less profit. So somebody that failed already costed money, plus he wants to select the people that learn the quickest and need the least help. Cause that will translate later down the line as being generally quicker. Which is why the 1-shot is all the more important for that selection.

  • commented on 2014/10/05 18:21

    Wrong, he does every so once in a while; I've seen quite a few pop by trough the years - you can still go back in the archives to find them if you really must/want.

  • commented on 2014/04/06 01:27

    It's an underlooked system, it may not have as much games as the DS/3DS (or even PSP) but since i have _extremely little time_ to play handheld ; i'd rather go for quality over quantity; the PS vita does give a home console like experience on the go. Get PSN + you get free games every month. But what i've got so far is. Gravity daze (Free with PS+) Blazblue (Free with PS+) Sonic racers (a generic mariokart clone, though entertaining) (Free with PS+) Killzone Mercenary Gundam breakers Persona 4G (excellent JRPG) Luftrausers , fun little SHMUP Sine Mora : SHMUP with a unique storyline , pretty cinematic Dead or alive 5 - i love how there';s no slowdown no nothing, very fast/responsive Soul sacrifice (Free with PS+) Uncharted (Free with PS+) - if you like uncharted on PS3 then you`ll love this. Now that i`m in Tokyo again for a few weeks i`m planning on getting : God eater 2, Gundam Musou, and a few cheap older titles like the Dragon's Crown port

  • commented on 2014/04/05 23:59

    I don't really see the point in doing this recompilation ... because if they needed to remind people how awesome the OVA was than it means it must've not had allot of impact (as they hoped) back when it was 1st released and nor will it now (we all know what sells these days in anime world ..) . All i`m hoping for is after this recompilation they're making the continuation of the OVA.

  • commented on 2014/01/14 21:15

    Yes, so far it's interesting and I`ll put this on my watch list. I always stay in Ueno when in Tokyo and I like walking, I usually don't take the subway or train when I go to Asakusa or okachimachi, akihabara and even Kanda. So it was quite entertaining seeing that ALLOT of the locations in the 1st ep of Wizard Barristers were all in those neighbourhoods and drawn very detaile to boot.

  • commented on 2014/01/04 11:25

    Having been watching anime since the 80's (what i consider the golden era with everybody trying new things without caring for the risk - p.s god i feel so old writing this) I've come to find most modern anime very unimaginative and I'm hard to impress these days. Needless to say, when I watched the trailer for this last week I had that same impression came over me. wasn't expecting anything at all but something very generic. A few days ago I managed to watch the 1st episode and it confirmed my suspicion. For a show around mecha; the mecha designs are very unimaginative and very generic looking; over-simplified things from SRW OG i'd say if I had to compare it to something. Storyline wise they might go and pull a half-assed Orguss but I doubt it'd be anything that brilliant. I won't even go into the animation itself; but needless to say ; just stay away from this if your serious about your mecha anime and go look elsewhere; this seriously doesn't do the genre justice.

  • commented on 2013/10/14 05:49

    Yeah, I`m quite sad myself that this`ll close down as well. With this going, and the Radio Kaikan building also gone, which was also famous for being the first to sell TV's in Japan and what not. I fear that Akihabara is losing touch with what it used to be. I wonder what effect it`ll have on the other electronics stores dotted around Akiba. Even if those stay, you can't get back the vibe from having a giant electronics shack underneath the railway tracks with a history dating back to the 50's anymore.

  • commented on 2013/10/14 05:43

    The Radio Kaikan building is already demolished after being damaged by the big quakes in 2011. This is something else. This is the section of electronics stores underneath the rail track that has existed since the 1950's . I'm REALLY sad to see this go. In all my travels I haven't quite seen an electric market with this vibe, and that many amazing components. I followed Danny's link but i couldn't really make out the reason for closure. Maybe they're being bought out so that they can build more anime related stores ? *SIGH*

  • commented on 2013/10/02 15:17

    One of the best looking figures I've seen in a while ! Impressive detailing and love the weathered looking coloring on the skeleton. Also agreed, Dragon's crown is a great game. I expected it to be something like Final Fight/Mighty Sword/Dungeons & Dragons sidescrolling game. Which it was - but I never expected the atmosphere to be so thick in it. Love the narration and the storyboard sequences.

  • commented on 2013/09/27 19:22

    I think in Sony's case AOSP friendly means they will let you unlock it's bootloader with ease and such. They also allow you to download a stock google rom and/or even a Ubuntu for Android rom for their devices on their website . All legit. But this doesn't say anything about them providing propriety software such a the camera app which holds most of the camera module's functions. The Sony UI on the Z ,ZL and Z1 is pretty good, cause it's 95% the same as the stock Google one.

  • commented on 2013/09/27 18:37

    Have my Xperia Z since launch and didn't have the charging dock for until after 5 months. My flaps were never damaged. They're pretty sturdy. You probably had some bad luck with yours and coulda gotten a new one under warrenty. I do have the dock now to make life easier at home and just click it in - but at the office if I need to charge i still open the flap to this date.

  • commented on 2013/09/27 18:36

    Like the Z, you will lose the sony software certifications needed for some features. In this case : Bravia Engine Xperia Play (using dualshock) Xloud

  • commented on 2013/09/27 18:33

    Hey Danny, welcome to the Xperia world :-) I don't have the Z1, but I do have the Z since launch, personally for me I don't need to upgrade the Z to the Z1 as it's a minor upgrade for me. (i have a NEX and full-frame DSLR that I carry around happily so I don't care about smartphone photography) However I can give you allot of tips for using the Z1. 1. You fell for a common mistake - You just put on a screen-protector over a screen-protector. The Z series have rather thick, plastic screen protectors on both sides already out of factory. Since they are made out of plain plastic, they scratch INSANELY EASY. As you have noticed. The screens are made out of Carbon fiber frame; Dragontrail tempered glass front protection; Corning Gorilla Glass 3 back protection. These are highly scratch resistant materials . So remove the screen protector if you don't want to see scratches. I did the same. The Sony logo comes off on the front though, as it's on the screen protector sticker. But the phone will look "tighter" and more minimalist without the logo. 2. Sony actually just recently removed the "screenshot" and "reboot" button at power menu in 4.2.2. It was there before. They removed it because it isn't needed. Android already has quite a few hardware shortcuts for ages now and I guess Sony realized. Screenshot : Hold down power button + down key Reboot : Hold down power button + up key 3. I HIGHLY recommend keeping the Z1 stock. And NOT install Cyganomod. It is not nescerry. And Cyganomod always have camera issues because the manufactures don't include the drivers and they have to reverse engineer it. I only used this rom up until S3. When I got the Z, i didn't feel the need to go custom rom at all. But it is a proven fact that the camera is the 1st thing that goes out of the window. Sure you can use it. But it won't be the same experience as the native app that either Samsung (which was the 1st phone camera app I as a professional could actually appreciate) or the one Sony has (which is VERY good) . You will lose all the advanced features such as HDR video (try it !) and the rather good auto-modes etc. etc. 4. Don't switch pixel density - it gives other issues (marketplace incompatibilities) Instead. Use a different launcher app such as NOVA LAUNCHER. Then increase desktop grid size by how many you want to fit more on your desktop screen. However. If you only want to increase desktop size for adding more widgets. Then why not use the new android 4.2.2 feature to add widgets to lock screen ? Now you can view critical info (calendar ? Tasks ? Music control ? ) without unlocking your phone. You can even swipe between multiple widget lock screens if you need a view. No need to use desktop for that now. 5. Turning on HDR video. Allot of ppl dont know about this on the Z and Z1 but it has a new feature called HDR Video. It is designed to provide you with good subject brightness during heavily backlit scenes, also works quite well for concerts. It won't miraculously create better video's for any other situation. But it is still handy for above situations to keep it on at all times. 6. Use "SOLID EXPLORER" as your main file explorer. Take advantage of the 1080P screen and have 2 simultanious file explorer windows side-by side for speedy file management. Also can connect to FTP/Dropbox/SMB/Windows fileshare etc. etc. 7. The software that comes with the Z1 is pretty good. (again, no need to go to CGmod) Using the "Walkman" and "Movies" app - there is a suitcase like icon . This is the Xperia's "Throw" function. It enables you to send the currently playing media to a TV, PS3 or any other device IN THE NETWORK YOUR CONNECTED TO wirelessly and without effort. Can change properties in Xperia settings -> Throw Wireless mirror setting does with the MHL connector does - but wirelessly, if you have a TV that supports it. 8. Use Sony's Smart connect app to create automated functions. For example : If you put the phone in the dock/cradle for charging overnight to turn on Alarm. Turn on Clock to use as a nightstand clock, and when the alarm goes off even maybe connect to a bluetooth speaker for playing the early morning radioshow. 9. Buy Sony NFC Smart tags to use in combination with Smart Connect app to automate tasks. I use them. When I get to the office I have one on my desk. I swipe it past my desk and it changes the settings to how I want them best for when at the office - such as turning on auto-sync for my work's exchange account, turning the volume settings to vibrate only. Etc. etc. etc. 10. Turn off "Bravia engine" in display settings. This feature enhances images/movies that you see by adding dynamically different contrast/brightness and saturation. It looks good. However since it does not apply these settings to say . the pictures you take with your camera ? Means that if you think a picture looks good on your screen. It will look flat on somebody else's screen or the computer. Worst case scenario: If you need to show of your photographic work like me - I already post-processed my images to the point I think they are perfect. But then the bravia engine will add it's own post processing to my pictures and then it tips things into the "too saturated, too contrasty- and too pixilated, thanks to extra sharpening" area.

  • commented on 2013/05/04 21:14

    I LOVE Mori tower, Roppongi Hills (Much better than Tokyo tower for sights, less touristy for one) and Midtown also sometimes go to Super Deluxe (cluB) where they usually have electronica/experimental music predominantly. Stuff like Taito's in-house band Zuntata love to perform there as well. HOWEVER !Absolutely HATE Roppongi with a passion. Coincidentally never been there in the day-time haha. Maybe I should, I do know a great sushi place there. But if your not Japanese ? And a guy ? And your not with any Western and/or Japanese girl ? PREPARE TO BE BOTHERED - ALLOT, by people trying to get you into stripclubs, or Asian woman (not the nice kind) asking you for a "message" It doesn't matter if your on the phone, or talking to somebody etc. they will keep on following you and try to get you into places. Hence, that shot Danny took of the street sign :) It doesn't work though. It really boggles my mind when I'm in Tokyo and I meet some fellow foreigners who get in a conversation with me, and when asking what they wanna do ? The answer usually being " Let's go partying in Roppongi ! " - urgh ... :) Aside from Halloween, it's really a sad place to be at night for a foreigner. Go to Shibuya instead if you want nightlife is what I'd say.

  • commented on 2013/03/12 15:47

    wow, to me this looks even more gorgeous than Shinkai's previous work. Can't wait to watch this. Especially love the shallow DOF applied to foreground objects as opposed to doing it typically to the background as seen in a few of these screenshots.

  • commented on 2013/03/07 04:03

    As you can see behind my account name, I live in Amsterdam. So yep I got the GT-I9300 version (I standing for international) which is a quad Exynos with an Mali 400 GPU. Whilst I can play 1080P 10-bit just fine; depending on the encode. As some high-end encoding settings aren't supported and you get a black-screen.

  • commented on 2013/03/06 22:53

    I can already watch 1080P 10-bit MKV with FLAC audio with no lag on my Galaxy S3. So on that aspect, nothing will change when going from S3 to Xperia Z

  • commented on 2013/03/06 21:41

    I work at a very large international design & innovation company for 2 years and going now. When I first started out, many people here were Apple fanboys. And sowre by their iPhone. Now 2 years later ? about 70% of the people have Android phones and don't want to move back to iPhone. Either S3 or Nexus4/Galaxy Nexus. (i.e 66.6% Samsung hardware) When asked what they think of iPhone I get a few common answers. 1. Apple stopped innovating. It's more of the same with every release 2. Forced yearly update cycle (newer ios increments would slow down the device) 3. Very closed off system, annoys people to have to work-around very simple things. One very common annoyance is that if you use Exchange on the e-mail client. You cannot send a reply, and attach a new file to it. For corporate communications. This is seriously limiting. The work around is creating a new email. Copy the Re: subjectline over and then attaching a file, and copy and pasting over the previous messages. Just so that it would fit in other people's client timelines properly. Personally I use android, and am very happy with it - very much like Danny. I love the way it enhances productivity by having little restraints. Have an S3 currently, with the supernexus rom and I undervolted the CPU and GPU by 25% to save some more battery. Basically the supernexus rom is a stock Google rom. So none of the ugly interface you find in the Samsung Touchwiz Rom. It has less customisation features than Cyganomod, but I feel it's more stable because of that. Though Cyganomod is stable as is already. I love that I can just download any anime and instantly put it on my S3 and play it. Even a 1080P MKV with FLAC audio is NO issue. Ordered a Sony Xperia Z. I am a big fan of Sony, their design is just right up my alley.

  • commented on 2013/03/06 21:32

    Super Nexus

  • commented on 2013/03/06 00:17

    I personally don't see dolls (dolfie etc.) as anything I'd be interested with. I'm more into Gunpla (though I only have a few, blame lack of space) but hey. At least I don't go out of my way to "hate" or "tell people what to do" that like dolls. It's there thing, then it's there thing. I`m sure there's other people who don't like Gunpla out there, or even some other of my hobby's like photography, and videogames. It's cool to have your own opinion on things, and that's good. We need diversity in this world otherwise it'd be a boring one. But don't knock others about your opinion. If I ever were to have lunch with Danny in person, and he'd whip up a doll or two on table. I wouldn't tell him to put them away cause i'd be too embarrassed to eat with him. I do admire the attention for details these dolls have though haha - i've been into several doll shops in Tokyo and was quite impressed by the range of things you could buy to customize them. Allot of thought goes into it. So I can appreciate them.

  • commented on 2013/01/25 01:33

    oh i see - a maximum of 7 nights can be reserved at the same time - that's ... lame. :( so I have to break it down into multiple reservations then.

  • commented on 2013/01/25 01:25

    Thanks ! That looks actually quite nice, it's only one stop away from my usual hangouts which are located 1 min from Inaricho. Though, sometimes I take the last JR (as they go a bit later than Ginza) and walking from Ueno JR to Tawaramachi is a bit further than walking to Inaricho :) But I guess i can't complain - plus I usually don't take the very last JR anyway, if I go out properly I just stay an all-niter haha. I just tried looking for a room at Agora Place, and the system gives me an error in Japanese. Will just send them an e-mail/call . Again, thanks for the tip ! I still am a bit hesitant on when exactly in April to go, but if I`m going to be there when you are, I`ll definitely let you know !

  • commented on 2013/01/24 16:22

    Yeah me too :) Or even November. The weather is still pretty mild for the first 2 weeks of it. You will get a few days in November where it just rains the whole day. But I don't mind rain, always better than slippery slidey snow/ice action any day. And Tokyo in the rain kinda looks cool anyway. Still trying to see which dates I`ll be going in April for. I`m a bit hung up on how long I should stay. Since I just had an unexpected " I`m going for 10 days in January " Tokyo trip - I might not stay in April for the 3.5 weeks I intended on and just stay 2. Which is still, better than nothing :)