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I have been an anime/manga fanboy since the days of Starblazers and Battle of the Planets.

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    2010/05/11 00:45

    The first time I visited Japan, in 2006, I took the NEX from Narita to Tokyo. I was only staying in Tokyo for three days befor...

    on Tokyo Airport Train

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    2010/04/06 01:19

    Just bought my plane ticket this weekend and am headed to Tokyo on 4/20 and departing on 4/26. Still working out the other det...

    on Akihabara Tour

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    2010/04/06 01:05

    Does it require a bit of time to figure out how to get around Tokyo? The first time I went I spent some time on the Tokyo Metr...

    on Akihabara Tour

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    2010/04/06 00:58

    at! I am going to Tokyo in a few weeks (from April 20th through the 25th) and if I end up making it to Akiba I am more than wi...

    on Akihabara Tour

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    2010/03/20 06:47

    So they have a moElectronics manga but no eroGenetics? This saddens me somehow.

    on Manga Textbooks

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    2010/02/19 02:06

    Companies cracking down on copyright/trademark infringement tends to be more draconian in the EU than it is in the States due t...

    on OTACOOL 2 Q&A

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    2010/01/13 03:36

    I don't see them too often here in Houston however I have noticed an increase in their usage over this winter, particularly whe...

    on Japan Surgical Masks

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    2009/11/21 07:00

    I honestly can't remember how I found DannyChoo.com. I had seen one or two of the stormtrooper videos before I started frequen...

    on Candy Boy Giveaway

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    2009/10/31 08:17

    Wow! I love the picture, very well done!

    on Japanese Comics

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    2009/10/03 07:06

    I spend either $4.75 or $6.00 depending on what salad I decide to eat for lunch. Of course this is when I am at the office, wh...

    on Wonfes Cosplay

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    2009/10/02 03:56

    Nice shots! I like the GF1's portability and whatnot but I REALLY love my Canon 20D and should spend any additional photograph...

    on Lumix GF1 Review

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    2009/10/01 03:27

    I don't know if it is international but for iPhone owners in the U.S. there is an app you can download called Yowza! which give...

    on Japan Restaurant Coupons

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    2009/05/20 17:28

    Go see Star Trek! It is an excellent science fiction action flick as well as being an excellent reset for the franchise. As...

    on Tokyo Cinema

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