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funkywoodjam Member since 2009/05/20

I have been an anime/manga fanboy since the days of Starblazers and Battle of the Planets.

Texas · Data monkey by day, writer and photographer by night ·

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  • commented on 2010/05/11 00:45

    The first time I visited Japan, in 2006, I took the NEX from Narita to Tokyo. I was only staying in Tokyo for three days before going on to Korea for a week therefore I stored my large luggage at the airport for the weekend taking only a small bag of clothes, my camera bag and backpack in to town. I still got some dirty looks when I was on the train headed to my hotel. For my second trip, which was just three weeks ago, I took the Limousine Bus to and from the airport. This time I was staying for a week and as I have yet to perfect/attempt the art of traveling light, I did not want to attempt hauling all my stuff via the trains. Additionally I figured since my flight was arriving later in the day (after 5pm) I figured the roads would be clear-ish once I was actually leaving the airport. Fortunately I was right and the worst part about my trip on the bus was the little girl who wouldn't settle down. The nicest part about my trip on the bus, aside from getting dropped off right at my hotel, was that on this trip I got to play paparazzi as we were delayed at the New Otani b/c the Prime Minister was arriving for some shindig. Sadly the lighting was so bad that even with my stabilized telephoto lens I got complete crap photos. Oh well. I preferred the scenery on the NEX however the convenience of the Limousine Bus was quite nice this trip. If I had to do it again I might try out the Skyliner. As for getting to and from the airport in my neck of the woods (Houston, TX) I usually either drive and park my car at one of the lots (where I pay $3 or $4 a day) or have a private car pick me up (about $40 and then I throw in a pretty hefty tip of $10 to $20). Our public transit company, METRO, has started an Airport Express service from the main METRO depot in downtown Houston for $15 each way. I have yet to try this out and would only really recommend it if you were staying in downtown.

  • commented on 2010/04/06 01:19

    Just bought my plane ticket this weekend and am headed to Tokyo on 4/20 and departing on 4/26. Still working out the other details but I sincerely hope to be able to meet up with Danny while I am in town.

  • commented on 2010/04/06 01:05

    Does it require a bit of time to figure out how to get around Tokyo? The first time I went I spent some time on the Tokyo Metro website ( and was able to plot my course around Tokyo pretty quickly and I was staying out in Monzen-Nakacho. Actually now that I think about it the part of the site you want is the Tokyo Transfer Guide ( I found this to be a FANTASTIC resource particularly since I had never really used public transportation to any significant extent before I visited Tokyo.

  • commented on 2010/04/06 00:58

    at! I am going to Tokyo in a few weeks (from April 20th through the 25th) and if I end up making it to Akiba I am more than willing to pick up this figure for you and then ship it to you once I am home in TX. Do you have an idea of how much the figure should cost? I do not want any money up front, just wondering what I should expect to pay. -- James

  • commented on 2010/03/20 06:47

    So they have a moElectronics manga but no eroGenetics? This saddens me somehow.

  • commented on 2010/02/19 02:06

    Companies cracking down on copyright/trademark infringement tends to be more draconian in the EU than it is in the States due to Europe's better protections for creators. The most famous example of this in fandom is the Warhammer 40K fanfilm 'Damnatus' which you can read about here: The reason copyright/trademark holders tend to over protect their copyrights/trademarks is that if they do not protect them when they become aware of the potential litigation then they can potentially lose control of the material. An excellent example of this is the Conan Properties Inc v. Conans Pizza Inc in which the jury found that Conans Pizza did infringe on the Conan the Barbarian trademark owned by Conan Properties Inc however due to the fact that Conan Properties Inc was aware of Conans Pizza for approx. 5 years before they sought to assert their legal rights over the Conan name and imagery they were not entitled to any damages. In the early days of the web Paramount went through a phase where they served every website using Star Trek iconography with cease and desist letters in an effort to protect their very valuable trademarks and copyrights related to the Star Trek franchise. The fan backlash was so great that Paramount relented. Copyright and trademark are very messy areas of law both here in the U.S. and internationally however my take on the issue is that as long as a cosplayer is not making money off of a specific character then there is no real incentive for the company to crack down on that person. This does not mean that the company will not seek to enforce its rights in arenas where money is being made, such as YouTube, deviantart, and books such as Otacool. IMHO copmanies have no reason, nor the will, to attempt to stop individuals from cosplaying their charaters and sharing their love of these characters with others however they do have a duty to properly protect their property.

  • commented on 2010/01/13 03:36

    I don't see them too often here in Houston however I have noticed an increase in their usage over this winter, particularly when I am on the train. Of course all this does is make me want to get back to Japan!

  • commented on 2009/11/21 07:00

    I honestly can't remember how I found I had seen one or two of the stormtrooper videos before I started frequenting DCDC however I vaguely recall finding the site via, but I could juet be making that up. My favorite posts are the Day/Week/Some-Period-of-Time in Japan/Tokyo. They remind me of the all too brief time I spent in Tokyo and make me want to go back. Another thing I really enjoy is the behind the scenes posts about the work you guys are doing and the people you are working with. Honestly I enjoy every thing I read here and wouldn't change a thing. [kanade]

  • commented on 2009/10/31 08:17

    Wow! I love the picture, very well done!

  • commented on 2009/10/03 07:06

    I spend either $4.75 or $6.00 depending on what salad I decide to eat for lunch. Of course this is when I am at the office, when I am off on my own it varies greatly! I have dropped $75 on lunch before but most of the time when not at the office I have something I prepared at home, leftovers, a sandwich, something.

  • commented on 2009/10/02 03:56

    Nice shots! I like the GF1's portability and whatnot but I REALLY love my Canon 20D and should spend any additional photography money on a couple of lenses and, eventually, a newer body and underwater housing. Having said that the GF1 is a tempting little toy!

  • commented on 2009/10/01 03:27

    I don't know if it is international but for iPhone owners in the U.S. there is an app you can download called Yowza! which gives you access to digital coupons. As I understand it the neat thing about the app is that it interfaces with the GPS in the phone to narrow the selection of coupons to those business' which are in your immediate vicinity. Beyond that I second Kamui's suggestion as those are about the only coupons I use.

  • commented on 2009/05/20 17:28

    Go see Star Trek! It is an excellent science fiction action flick as well as being an excellent reset for the franchise. As for annoying people in theaters, I am a big guy and have perfected the art of the obvious stink-eye. I have only had one incident where this did not work and when I asked the gentleman to be quiet he got angry with me and lectured me about rudeness. Shenanigans ensued.