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    2009/11/19 22:29

    Awesome place to work in indeed .... do they need more people? ^^" yeah, Danny, see you at AFA!

    on Anime Festival Asia

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    2009/11/14 23:20

    No brainer for me...Alter's version is miles better in every aspect.

    on Movic Mio

  • commented
    2009/09/01 21:17

    This is so cool ... looking forward to seeing Danny in Singapore again. Nice to see a Moe Moe Kyun Cafe because I suggested a c...

    on AFA 09

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    2009/08/23 14:14

    That's cool and thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the BRS anime. :)

    on Animelo

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    2009/07/28 15:29

    Nice... I think the Canaan figure is really awesome and the nendoroid mimi-chan is so adorable! There's a whole lot of figures ...

    on Anime Statues

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    2009/06/14 05:57

    Overall quality looks good and I like how her scarf can be removed but she is a bit too cutesy looking for me.

    on Yoko Littner

  • commented
    2009/06/12 16:15

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But there's no need to put down the StrikerS series every time someone mention or p...

    on actSta

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    2009/06/02 14:44

    I love all the girls but Yui will be first for me now, follow by Mio, Ui, Mugi, Azusa and Ritsu. Need to see more of Azu-nyan t...

    on Azusa Nakano

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    2009/05/22 15:33

    Figure is overall quite nice, especially the hair sculpt, although I feel the red in the eyes is a bit over. I normally wait fo...

    on Aisaka Taiga

  • commented
    2009/05/20 15:30

    Definite get for me too. I want all the Strike Witches! ^^"

    on Yoshika Miyafuji

  • commented
    2009/04/28 16:44

    The figure is gorgeous but not getting her b'cos I don't like the frame thing.

    on World is Mine Miku

  • commented
    2009/04/10 05:21

    I guess it depends on the country's postal services. In my country, the postman will also leave a note for you to collect your ...

    on International Shipping Damage

  • commented
    2009/04/09 16:14

    Jesus ... I would be enraged if that was my parcel. Lucikly I never had problems with the postal service here. Hope your figure...

    on International Shipping Damage

  • commented
    2009/04/07 13:40

    Nice puchi. But I hate it when these puchis and nendos come bundle with games which makes them so expensive. sigh ... Anyway, I...

    on Toradora

  • commented
    2009/04/07 13:37

    The sakuras are really beautiful. I swear I'll be there in Tokyo for hanami next year. ^^

    on Tokyo Cherry Blossom

  • commented
    2009/04/05 15:57

    Just watched the 1st episode ... oh my god ... it's been a while since I have laughed so hard watching an anime. First episode ...

    on K-ON!

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    2009/03/31 10:28

    Zange-chan! I'll pay her 100 yen anytime. ^^ ... definitely getting her ... and I want to get that Nagi poster as well!

    on Zange-chan

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    2009/03/26 09:20

    Been waiting for a long time for her official announcement. Definitely getting her!

    on Alter Fate

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    2009/03/16 08:24

    Here goes: 7172 yen http://www.dannychoo.com/detail/mac/eng/image/15946/20090314+Giveaway+-+Iroha.html#comment521637

    on 20090314 Giveaway - Round Two

  • commented
    2009/03/14 19:07

    Gonna give this a try ... front:3 back:1

    on 20090314 Giveaway - Iroha

  • commented
    2009/03/10 15:33

    Welcome to Singapore where eating is a national past-time! ^^" Customer service can be annoying here in Singapore but believ...

    on A Week in Singapore

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    2009/03/04 08:24

    She's not Miku.

    on Black Rock Shooter

  • commented
    2009/02/23 12:46

    The food ... the food ... oh my ... your A Week in tokyo column always make me hungry ... and San-chan! ~ (^_^)

    on A Week in Tokyo 34

  • commented
    2009/02/14 12:55

    Agree, Black Rock Shooter looks hot! ^^

    on WonHobby 9

  • commented
    2009/02/14 12:53

    Those are impurities.

    on WonHobby 9

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