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  • commented on 2010/01/05 12:05

    kyaa a glove for fisting gropes?!

  • commented on 2009/02/28 07:14

    >.< must buy! super kawaii!

  • commented on 2009/02/05 15:26

    holy crap tranny figures!

  • commented on 2009/02/02 16:12

    ooh cool! haha danny you even modded your stormtrooper to be able to use the force?

  • commented on 2009/01/21 10:36

    using vista, and it takes my laptop under 1 minute to fully boot. my desktop however is kinda cranky and take around 5 or more minutes to fully boot (using XP)

  • commented on 2009/01/20 18:24

    kodo giasu is the best! just love the story, plot, twists and ingenious boo yahs! not to mention the mecha are also rather awesome & unique to macross & gundam~

  • commented on 2009/01/18 06:30

    the striker unit looks strange for some reason.

  • commented on 2009/01/14 18:54

    lol miku joined the microsoft side

  • commented on 2009/01/10 06:28

    i'm gonna kickstart on gunplas once my semester break kicks in. but i don't think i'd mod my gunplas~

  • commented on 2008/12/31 10:15

    there have been leaks for some time and hell lotta torrents on this but i'll just wait for the official release

  • commented on 2008/12/31 10:07

    let's see... best: - Code Geass R2 - Macross F - Kannagi - Gundam 00 S2 - Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae i dunno wht else but i'm probably forgetting some more unsalvageable: - Dragonaut (flush!) - To Love-Ru (too much nonsense) - Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (letdown) and perhaps a whole lot more that i gave up on... funny that after i completed Rosario + Vampire 2 i find it ok!

  • commented on 2008/12/30 22:23

    must have!!!!! kawaiii!

  • commented on 2008/12/29 08:01

    nope haven't worked in restaurants rather i work in the back-office for my part-times. and wow that's a lot of leftovers u got from cleaning!

  • commented on 2008/12/29 07:14

    Kozue Amano, Makoto Kobayashi, CLAMP, Imperial Boy aka Teicoku Syounen, Noizi Ito, POP, Kuroboshi Kouhaku, Kouji Kumeta and hell lotta more. i just love art & graphics and there's way too many talented people to name them all

  • commented on 2008/12/29 06:40

    and a fourth on that~

  • commented on 2008/12/28 12:17

    LOL! good one!

  • commented on 2008/12/28 11:32

    wow this is super cool! am gonna dig up more if any in the tube

  • commented on 2008/12/27 06:31

    i don't think manga spoils anime viewing. besides, i prefer manga to anime actually as it's the original stuff. and even if the anime is following the manga's plot i still get excited watching it as i want to see it in action with SFX and talking as compared to manga where we read it and are left to our imagination because they can't draw every single frame.

  • commented on 2008/12/26 12:30

    really really saddening this sorta guys... the tenga comment is the most foolish one ever how can that stupid thing subsitute a real life woman?! and so one of the many reasons of Japan's decreased population is this!

  • commented on 2008/12/26 07:37

    this is a good feature which will likely improve the functionality of ^_^

  • commented on 2008/12/25 06:30

    merry christmas ^_^ aww i want come work for your company >.< not sure if christmas is holiday here but it sure seems like one 'sides ppl take the the off if it isn't a holiday anyways

  • commented on 2008/12/24 20:12

    what on earth?! 1

  • commented on 2008/12/24 08:42

    wah coool!!!! virtua figma!

  • commented on 2008/12/23 19:22

    i am guessing someone (danny maybe) just used it. hope i'm not offending you danny.

  • commented on 2008/12/23 19:20

    i dunno but most households here as far as i know don't put those additives. rather we put bubble bath, soap that doesn't exactly colour the water so concentrated.