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Dark Pulse

darkpulse94 Member since 2012/02/07

Bio? Hmm... What to say about me? I Love anime, been Studying JAP for a year, and even been to Japan! I live in Australia and I'd say more but I'm a busy guy

Australia · Student

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  • commented on 2012/07/23 18:57

    have a look down the bottom of the post - one of those sites linked will be sure to have some in stock

  • commented on 2012/07/22 12:27

    Actually, I've already ordered them from Otacute - Express delivery ^_^'

  • commented on 2012/07/22 12:26

    I'm getting both lol! Let's hope they fit Yugioh well - they're a bit big iirc, but meh, a few millimeters here and there can't hurt :p

  • commented on 2012/05/31 19:42

    If I hear one more person say "Android" I'm going to explode! I can't take the suspense, and you guys constantly asking for it is only making it worse! Danny, don't get all pressured by us, even though we want it so bad - just keep being the awesome Danny and when MiraiClock comes out, we'll all be levelling up our worship xD

  • commented on 2012/05/26 20:05


  • commented on 2012/02/19 18:16

    And this kids, is what we call "Roll Reversal" On a typical day, Danny would wear all black, and the ninja's, as we obviously know, would wear baby blue suits like this. Today, Danny is sporting Ninja clothes, and as we will see later, the Ninja's are taking a page from Danny's book ^_^

  • commented on 2012/02/19 07:25

    I think the real ninja here would have to be the cameraman ^_^

  • commented on 2012/02/18 15:21

    Hey! Get your hands off of those... those... What is that in the background anyway?

  • commented on 2012/02/17 16:52