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Currently living in Toronto. Heading back to Japan in 2012 to work as a professor of English.

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    2009/02/10 04:10

    Wow... thanks for the link Danny. I guess I couldn't be more embarrassed that my site is STILL DOWN. I'm seriously thinking abo...

    on CJ Night Tokyo Episode 2

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    2009/02/04 16:25

    Nice post Danny! =) Thanks for the hotel tip in Shibuya. Gunna head over and take some overviewssss.

    on A Week in Tokyo 33

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    2009/01/31 08:23

    Yeah what is up with the no smiling in pics? They are too serious about that haha. I wonder if you could give the peace sign......

    on Japan Drivers License

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    2009/01/28 12:24

    Been patiently waiting for that email Danny! I hope I haven't been scratched from the list. *cries

    on CJ Night Tokyo

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    2009/01/17 07:52

    I find it very rude and almost sad that people these days have lost the ability to sit still and read something for 5 minutes. ...

    on Tokyo City View

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    2009/01/13 09:31

    Was thinking about heading over to Harajuku yesterday to check this out. But exam today told me no. =) Woulda been funny to run...

    on Seijin Shiki

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    2008/12/27 12:29

    Danny, Thanks for the great post again. I'm sure Harry is listening, he just needs a push & a shove to get things rolling. A...

    on Roppongi Hills

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    2008/08/26 23:11

    Danny, always loving these installments... keep em comin! Also, congrats on the TV gig. I'm excited to see how its gunna turn out.

    on A Week in Tokyo 23

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    2008/08/07 21:29

    Only been to Yokohama once, but never saw it like that. Definitely hitting it up at night again in the near future. Also, nice ...

    on Yokohama Photo Walk

  • commented
    2008/07/23 20:49

    oh... and you are mentioned in it, if that helps my chances at all haha.

    on A Week in Tokyo 20

  • commented
    2008/07/23 20:46

    Very inspirational opening words there Danny. I just recently made a youtube video on a similar concept. I wonder if you'd host...

    on A Week in Tokyo 20

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    2008/07/18 20:02

    Wow! Tokyo Storm Trooper is internationally known now! haha congrats Danny.

    on Hmmm Nice Eyes 1

  • commented
    2008/06/20 18:21

    Been using my macbook (black) for about a year and a half now with no problems (other than the screen dimming). I've heard lots...

    on Mac Life 3

  • commented
    2008/06/19 19:04

    I've read this article before, but now that I'm a member I can comment on it. The information here is priceless, and should be...

    on Work in Japan

  • commented
    2008/06/12 08:25

    Wow! Kawagoe looks beautiful! Next time I'm in Tokyo I'll check it out. btw, my thumbs are now being created! sorry! It was ...

    on Kawagoe

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    2008/05/23 09:30

    Definitely not signing with AU when I get over there. I was planning on Softbank from the start, mainly because I like their ph...

    on A Week in Tokyo 15

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    2008/05/17 00:13

    Woah woah easy there "especially by black people". My friend, if you watched the video until the end like Danny suggested, ...

    on Racism in Tokyo

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    2008/05/14 09:23

    Probably gunna check this out. thanks danny

    on Tokikake

  • commented
    2008/05/14 09:15

    Uhooooh! gotta ease up on the ero-postage I think.

    on Internet Filtering

  • commented
    2008/05/05 23:39

    Seems to be a lot more in terms of male deodorant these days though. Gatsby has a whole line of male deodorant spray out now th...

    on Japanese Deodorant

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    2008/05/05 23:36

    aaaaaaaah! Saizeriya!!! I miss that place! so ridiculously cheap! and the hyaku-en baa is just monsterrrr! unlimited coffee...

    on A Week in Tokyo 14

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    2008/03/04 20:11

    Ikea is the booomb! half the stuff in my room is from Ikea. I'm a black mac owner myself (for over a year now) and have been...

    on A Week in Tokyo 8

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