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Currently living in Toronto. Heading back to Japan in 2012 to work as a professor of English.

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  • commented on 2009/02/10 04:10

    Wow... thanks for the link Danny. I guess I couldn't be more embarrassed that my site is STILL DOWN. I'm seriously thinking about crying right now. If you don't mind rerouting the link to my yt for now that would be appreciated. Wowwowowow -_-

  • commented on 2009/02/04 16:25

    Nice post Danny! =) Thanks for the hotel tip in Shibuya. Gunna head over and take some overviewssss.

  • commented on 2009/01/31 08:23

    Yeah what is up with the no smiling in pics? They are too serious about that haha. I wonder if you could give the peace sign... maybe that would be okay? hahaha Those road signs are gunna come in handy for me. I got my international license just incase, but I've been too chicken to actually rent a car yet for an outing. I've never even touched a right-hand drive!

  • commented on 2009/01/28 12:24

    Been patiently waiting for that email Danny! I hope I haven't been scratched from the list. *cries

  • commented on 2009/01/17 07:52

    I find it very rude and almost sad that people these days have lost the ability to sit still and read something for 5 minutes. It is the same with my youtube videos, I always put links for what songs I used in the side bar. But it never fails to amazing me with the amount of comments and msgs asking me the name of the songs I used. I recently had someone hound me through EMAIL, literally begging me for the song used in my last video. If people would open their eyes a little more (and their brains) they could save so much time and effort. To me, pictures have no meaning without a story to go along with them. Or at the very least a little humorous comment. I say keep doing what you are doing. It will be worth it to those who actually prefer to use their heads, like yourself. I just skipped the last set of pictures in this post cause they had no text.

  • commented on 2009/01/13 09:31

    Was thinking about heading over to Harajuku yesterday to check this out. But exam today told me no. =) Woulda been funny to run into you again, only in your trooper getup this time. haha.

  • commented on 2008/12/27 12:29

    Danny, Thanks for the great post again. I'm sure Harry is listening, he just needs a push & a shove to get things rolling. And he definitely needs to break the comfort zone. I'm sure it's something he tells himself all the time, but execution is always the issue with him. He needs to build up his confidence a bit more by acting on his ideas more often and keeping busy, rather than letting them sit around in his head until they've eventually faded away. Also, thanks for the add to the list ;).

  • commented on 2008/08/26 23:11

    Danny, always loving these installments... keep em comin! Also, congrats on the TV gig. I'm excited to see how its gunna turn out.

  • commented on 2008/08/07 21:29

    Only been to Yokohama once, but never saw it like that. Definitely hitting it up at night again in the near future. Also, nice words about being in the zone. I also find having a very rhythmic pattern extremely helpful to being in the zone. Once you get out of that pattern (ie: summer time for students) it is hard to get back into any sort of productive mode.

  • commented on 2008/07/23 20:49

    oh... and you are mentioned in it, if that helps my chances at all haha.

  • commented on 2008/07/23 20:46

    Very inspirational opening words there Danny. I just recently made a youtube video on a similar concept. I wonder if you'd host it? hehe =D

  • commented on 2008/07/18 20:02

    Wow! Tokyo Storm Trooper is internationally known now! haha congrats Danny.

  • commented on 2008/06/20 18:21

    Been using my macbook (black) for about a year and a half now with no problems (other than the screen dimming). I've heard lots about batteries and other junk crapping out on my friends macbooks, and I'm actually starting to get worried. Might have to buy an apple care package soon. I'm just concerned about whether or not it works in different countries.

  • commented on 2008/06/19 19:04

    I've read this article before, but now that I'm a member I can comment on it. The information here is priceless, and should be treated as such. It takes many people years to figure this out on their own (if at all), and very many people aren't as capable as you as laying out ALL the potential options so that everyone can find something for themselves. This website really is an resource/hub to those wanting to pursue life in Japan.

  • commented on 2008/06/12 08:25

    Wow! Kawagoe looks beautiful! Next time I'm in Tokyo I'll check it out. btw, my thumbs are now being created! sorry! It was my fault after all Danny! >.

  • commented on 2008/05/23 09:30

    Definitely not signing with AU when I get over there. I was planning on Softbank from the start, mainly because I like their phones, annnnd their adverts too haha. Was also thinking of docomo.

  • commented on 2008/05/17 00:13

    Woah woah easy there "especially by black people". My friend, if you watched the video until the end like Danny suggested, you would've understood this was a joke. takes lots of controversial topics and makes light of them. I've known people who have been refused jobs in Japan because of their skin color (and yes, they were black people). Please be more mindful of your words in future comments.

  • commented on 2008/05/14 09:23

    Probably gunna check this out. thanks danny

  • commented on 2008/05/14 09:15

    Uhooooh! gotta ease up on the ero-postage I think.

  • commented on 2008/05/05 23:39

    Seems to be a lot more in terms of male deodorant these days though. Gatsby has a whole line of male deodorant spray out now that you can find almost anywhere. Now its just the task of getting Japanese males to apply the damn stuff!

  • commented on 2008/05/05 23:36

    aaaaaaaah! Saizeriya!!! I miss that place! so ridiculously cheap! and the hyaku-en baa is just monsterrrr! unlimited coffee, and carbonated beverages for 100yen FTW!

  • commented on 2008/03/04 20:11

    Ikea is the booomb! half the stuff in my room is from Ikea. I'm a black mac owner myself (for over a year now) and have been wondering if it was only my screen that was dimming to such an extent. My full brightness is only about a half brightness setting on my friend's newer (white) macbooks. Anyone else having these problems? I'm wondering if I should take it in, and how much it would cost to fix =/