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cgivisionary Member since 2011/04/10

A freelance photographer and videographer. And, a lover of all cute things!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada · I am Otaku! ·

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  • commented on 2012/09/27 10:41

    Awwwwwww! You're sooooooo CUTE!

  • commented on 2012/05/28 04:28


  • commented on 2012/03/28 07:26

    MacBook Air 11.6"

  • commented on 2011/12/20 12:09

    Hi, My name is Peter. I moved back to Canada from South Korea a few months ago. I'm presently pretty much unemployed and broke. But, I still love Japanese toys including my DD's, figures, manga, airsoft and movies. I hope to win Azunyan because I couldn't afford to pre-order her when she was announced! Cheers everyone!

  • commented on 2011/12/03 11:35

    Canon S95

  • commented on 2011/09/27 10:53


  • commented on 2011/08/15 10:41

    LOL I just walked pass there yesterday and didn't even know it!!! LOL LOL

  • commented on 2011/08/10 10:07

    Hotel Monterey Hanzomon

  • commented on 2011/07/17 21:11

    Strategically placed waitress! :D

  • commented on 2011/06/06 22:44

    Very inspirational, Mr.Danny Choo (we don't know each other personally, and I feel obliged to use the honorific). Given your past childhood experiences, you could have ended up a very down trodden individual. But, you did not. That in itself is a testament to your own personal strength as a decent and caring person. I commend thee in achieving your goals in life and wish you all the future successes you desire and deserve. Like you, I have also discovered the allure of Japanese culture. Like you, I am also of Chinese heritage born and raised in a different country (Canada in my case) than my ancestors. As a child of different worlds, I can see advantages and disadvantages to this upbringing. But, that really is not all that important. What is important is what one does with one's life. And, you have done wonderful things. In my case, I am still a work in progress. One day, I would like to live and work in Japan as well (currently living and working in South Korea). One day. I'm working on it. My current Japanese interests included anime scale figures, Nendoroids and Figmas. Plus, Dollfie Dreams (your influence via your lovely little daughters), Mamachapp dolls and Azone dolls. I've been to Tokyo once and that was last year. I might have a chance to visit again this August. It just depends on my schedule and how many days I actually end up having free. Anyways,, enough of my rambling. I salute thee and your successes in life! :D

  • commented on 2011/05/15 14:17

    Welcome! Been her for almost two years now. :D

  • commented on 2011/05/14 22:39

    South Korea

  • commented on 2011/05/07 23:26

    I just got her today!

  • commented on 2011/05/02 21:49

    Saber Lily