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enjoy watching shows with friends here, I also enjoy making gundam kits, though I am not pro XP

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    2009/09/20 02:28

    Would this be the same Karas figure you had a picture of in one of the previous figure show sessions you did? I would like to...

    on Karas

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    2009/09/16 07:01

    ah karas! I have been waiting for this one for a while, but no monies for it :C

    on Figure Store

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    2009/06/05 20:05

    Quite the impressive book! I may look for it when it comes out, would be fun to have.

    on Otaku Encyclopedia

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    2009/06/04 04:41

    Oh Danny, what will you do with them?

    on Nikon Lenses

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    2009/06/02 20:29


    on 20090602 Giveaway - Alter Signum

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    2009/06/01 05:06

    Ive had my destiny gundam break pieces in transport, but some super glue later, and it looks A-Okay. TTGL was dropped, and he ...

    on Figma Repair

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    2009/04/27 07:45

    Hmmm, I want to guess 0, the answer to your previous giveaway (didn't catch it fast enough to put that as my answer), also the ...

    on 20090427 Giveaway - Your Figma

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    2009/04/22 21:48

    I have never been able to grab singles from shows, the only store around here that used to have them, decided to stop stocking ...

    on K-ON! MP3

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    2009/04/16 19:12

    Waa! Always a fun time reading what your up to. Maple Tea you say? I will have to look into that, all I have to drink here i...

    on A Week in Tokyo 37

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    2009/04/15 06:32

    Woah! These are always interesting to look at,this one looks like it repeats a lot at a glance though. Definitly super cool t...

    on 2000 Aya's

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    2009/04/11 19:30

    Curses, looks like me trying to be smart with my answer of "only one figure in the picture" didn't work! cant wait for the nex...

    on 20090407 Giveaway Winner

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    2009/04/09 08:10

    very cool. I'm not sure if its the character design, or the actual figure, but I think this is the best figma out there based ...

    on Signum Nanoha

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    2009/04/08 17:26

    3500 Yen http://www.dannychoo.com/detail/mac/eng/image/17030/20090407+Giveaway+-+Lay+D.html#comment552511 I can only see on...

    on 20090407 Giveaway Round 2

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    2009/04/07 04:08

    shana, the red haired one. Was looking and she was at the top of the last safs that Danny got, couldn't see black haired one a...

    on 20090407 Giveaway - Lay D

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    2009/03/22 05:40

    Very nice! Have you decided on the amount that will be made?

    on Mirai Dakimakura Prints

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    2009/03/16 19:29

    Woah... The Destiny kit is very very impressive.. puts mine to shame

    on Hobby Japan

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    2009/03/16 07:59

    4452 yen http://www.dannychoo.com/detail/mac/eng/image/15946/20090314+Giveaway+-+Iroha.html#comment522927

    on 20090314 Giveaway - Round Two

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    2009/03/15 20:53

    front:3 back:1

    on 20090314 Giveaway - Iroha

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    2009/03/10 09:09

    Quite the excellent figure, I saw a picture of it a while ago, and these ones make her look even nicer! me wants

    on Yoko Movie Version

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    2009/02/26 09:21

    Being and avid badminton player, though not as much this year than I would have liked, This is supah cool! Reminds me of tha...

    on Nunchaku Badminton

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    2009/02/17 20:38

    I was told that ALL anime is creepy and perverted, but I don't think so. (though those little airplane girls = yes) I think g...

    on Creepy Perverted Anime

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    2009/02/11 00:31

    I think this is definitely the best Yoko figure out there right now. Since you had the pictures of the unpainted version, I ha...

    on Mega Hobby

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    2009/02/11 00:30

    If I remember correctly, this is Yoko after the time skip, When she meets back up with Simon

    on Mega Hobby

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    2009/02/01 20:33

    oooooh super cool! maybe I will save my megaton helmet back from Halloween to take to the theater with me for this one. I'm h...

    on Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Trailer

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    2009/02/01 20:19

    Why.. I ran into that man yesterday, I was playing Smash bros with him over wifi.... no not really...

    on Police use Mii

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