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beeg Member since 2008/11/25

enjoy watching shows with friends here, I also enjoy making gundam kits, though I am not pro XP

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  • commented on 2009/09/20 02:28

    Would this be the same Karas figure you had a picture of in one of the previous figure show sessions you did? I would like to get my hands on a nice karas figure some time, really enjoyed the first 3 episdoes (last three were not worth the wait compared to the first half)

  • commented on 2009/09/16 07:01

    ah karas! I have been waiting for this one for a while, but no monies for it :C

  • commented on 2009/06/05 20:05

    Quite the impressive book! I may look for it when it comes out, would be fun to have.

  • commented on 2009/06/04 04:41

    Oh Danny, what will you do with them?

  • commented on 2009/06/02 20:29


  • commented on 2009/06/01 05:06

    Ive had my destiny gundam break pieces in transport, but some super glue later, and it looks A-Okay. TTGL was dropped, and he broke off one of his arm shields. I was able to fix that with glue too, and it is impossible to notice that it happened at any angle. Lucky breaks (eh.. eh?????) for me eh?

  • commented on 2009/04/27 07:45

    Hmmm, I want to guess 0, the answer to your previous giveaway (didn't catch it fast enough to put that as my answer), also the clue is a tempting reason for me to put that. Hmmmm very tricky sir, you are a master at this! my answer 5000 yen

  • commented on 2009/04/22 21:48

    I have never been able to grab singles from shows, the only store around here that used to have them, decided to stop stocking any the day I went to buy a bunch. I haven't seen k-on yet, some people here don't like it, one said it was interesting for the first episode. My watch list is so backed up though I don't know how long it will take to get to this one. Also, very clever with the K-On MP3 there, you are, currently 2nd when you search it on google? Currently beat out by some software company that doesn't look like it has anything to do with K-on.

  • commented on 2009/04/16 19:12

    Waa! Always a fun time reading what your up to. Maple Tea you say? I will have to look into that, all I have to drink here is green tea, and then what ever I can swipe from other people when they aren't looking. Maple tea may be something nice to try.

  • commented on 2009/04/15 06:32

    Woah! These are always interesting to look at,this one looks like it repeats a lot at a glance though. Definitly super cool to look at though!

  • commented on 2009/04/11 19:30

    Curses, looks like me trying to be smart with my answer of "only one figure in the picture" didn't work! cant wait for the next contest danny, they are fun to guess!

  • commented on 2009/04/09 08:10

    very cool. I'm not sure if its the character design, or the actual figure, but I think this is the best figma out there based on these pictures. Never seen the series myself, backlogged in the watching anime department, but I definitely have seen many pictures form this series, think I actually have a wall paper or two floating around. hmmm very very nice figure though, look forward to a full review of it latah when it comes out!

  • commented on 2009/04/08 17:26

    3500 Yen I can only see one figure, counted more boxes though.

  • commented on 2009/04/07 04:08

    shana, the red haired one. Was looking and she was at the top of the last safs that Danny got, couldn't see black haired one anywhere.

  • commented on 2009/03/22 05:40

    Very nice! Have you decided on the amount that will be made?

  • commented on 2009/03/16 19:29

    Woah... The Destiny kit is very very impressive.. puts mine to shame

  • commented on 2009/03/16 07:59

    4452 yen

  • commented on 2009/03/15 20:53

    front:3 back:1

  • commented on 2009/03/10 09:09

    Quite the excellent figure, I saw a picture of it a while ago, and these ones make her look even nicer! me wants

  • commented on 2009/02/26 09:21

    Being and avid badminton player, though not as much this year than I would have liked, This is supah cool! Reminds me of that pingpong nunchuck video!

  • commented on 2009/02/17 20:38

    I was told that ALL anime is creepy and perverted, but I don't think so. (though those little airplane girls = yes) I think giving into people who would want you to separate would ruin the flow of the site me thinks

  • commented on 2009/02/11 00:31

    I think this is definitely the best Yoko figure out there right now. Since you had the pictures of the unpainted version, I had made up my mind to pick this one up, its sooo soo nice!

  • commented on 2009/02/11 00:30

    If I remember correctly, this is Yoko after the time skip, When she meets back up with Simon

  • commented on 2009/02/01 20:33

    oooooh super cool! maybe I will save my megaton helmet back from Halloween to take to the theater with me for this one. I'm hoping that this one will have a few more cool robot scenes, and no part where they try to hide outside the kids house. as for the joe trailer, it looks pretty cool, but where are the lazers, the hundreds of lazers being shot by both sides??? that was like the main point of the show! And I heard that they are changing how cobra looks, I hope not cause cobra in blue helmet with silver mask is how I remember him.

  • commented on 2009/02/01 20:19

    Why.. I ran into that man yesterday, I was playing Smash bros with him over wifi.... no not really...