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  • commented on 2016/02/29 01:24

    Actually often times when I meet other french people abroad, they're not nice! But just seeing them around is no problem of course haha!!

  • commented on 2016/02/22 16:58

    No Danny san, not everything revolves around business or money, if the world understood that more, it'd go better... I work in public finance for an administration here in France. I have a mission for society. My salary is society giving back for my work. Its not much but I'm OK, what drives me is I participate to making society here better (at my own small scale of course)...

  • commented on 2016/01/10 20:54

    Hello Danny! お 元気 です か? Do a collaboration with Uniqlo!! + some non business related articles pls ^^! 気をつけてね!

  • commented on 2015/10/10 03:10

    My vote is "too dark"but just slightly

  • commented on 2015/10/03 03:43

    wow! really curious to see her eyes! ...

  • commented on 2015/06/25 16:46

    He looks gay! ^^ and old!

  • commented on 2015/06/25 16:45

    Danny san! I'm sad to read this one but here's my piece of advice, do physical activities, don't let the illness win!! _Go swimming, its great for the back but also studies show it reduces joint pain (as far as I remember) _ Also I think you could do pull ups: it muscles the back so it'd be good I think! and I think what u've got is a typical office person's illness : something one gets from being seated at a computer too much... So don't stay seated for long periods of time : its actually your enemy, your comfortable looking ennemy!

  • commented on 2015/03/26 18:31

    Danny's views and thoughts on life

  • commented on 2015/03/15 02:47

    nude day

  • commented on 2015/02/21 18:16

    Thanks for the follow up article, I was so curious! reading ur articles always puts me in a good mood. Thx for that too Danny san!

  • commented on 2015/02/14 22:51

    plz let us know how it went!! curious...

  • commented on 2015/01/29 21:07

    Hi! probably shouldn't post here but just wanted to say Thank you Dannyさん for the story you shared in "how discovering Japan changed my life", was very very inspiring. I've been checking out the website eversince. Since I'm here also, and I'm a swimmer just wanted to suggest swimming for your back condition, it'd do you a lot of good I think, またね!