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Bunker Vault No.13 · Series 888 “StarrazR”

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  • commented on 2015/08/01 22:40

    After so many times displayed on Wonderfes, still Nothing.

  • commented on 2015/03/17 19:37

    Hobby Quitting day

  • commented on 2014/12/14 17:03

    So this is an unmanned shop, which is in Japan, but no android, mecha girl, maidbot or anything like those involved? I am disappointed. lol We do have some but very few unmanned shop around here in my city, most of them sell newspaper.

  • commented on 2014/12/13 14:29

    M7's design is awesome. Prefer this one over M8. Using an E8 now though.

  • commented on 2014/12/03 23:38

    A booth or shop layout design?

  • commented on 2014/09/14 21:12

    Looking forward to the post about office. ^^

  • commented on 2014/07/13 15:40

    So an Amerikanen started the whole story about a traditional Japanese art... Interesting. The show looks very beautiful, in fact I think this may be the most beautiful show in this season.

  • commented on 2014/06/29 19:36

    Not interested in season 2. Don't like the whole "girly Kirito" thing. Also I lost faith in this show after the first part of the first season, It's just not something I expected about net gaming and cyber space, though at the beginning of the first season I was so excited with the great and thrilling concept of that being trapped in an online game thing. One can not be a good MMO themed story without a setting like a real MMO. SAO is not like a real MMO in many ways, as it's too primitive (Nothing more to offer than a multiplayer dungeon crawler; UO, an very old MMO is better than it in many ways; Basic features like Faction does not exist until latter in ALO), and too buggy (A player can see other one's option menu and made a sleeping player accept a PK challenge? Developer of SAO are from LJN and beta testers did nothing more than chasing butterflies I guess), and also has no rule. (For some one it's a very exciting ending when Asuna bypass the spell and after Kirito still can stroke after he was killed, but not for me. Even Neo would be dead if this happened in Matrix.) Also in ALO, the whole MMO and data structure is a mess: In game, out game, Client and server access, everything. And Akihiko Kayaba became Oracle and saint after the first part? His evil doing which caused so many people died was forgotten? Very impressive. I finished watching the first season as I am a fan of Asuna and kinda like Kirigaya's story, but I think first season is enough for me.

  • commented on 2014/05/03 19:45

    PVC figure beside a heater? Man...

  • commented on 2014/05/02 13:17

    It looks like the girls are lack of sleep and shower, also wearing dirty clothes... No, seriously there is nothing to do with zombies at all.

  • commented on 2014/02/14 00:36

    The problem remains is: Will this ever ends? Also who has more modes or costumes? Iron Man or Sakuya? LOL

  • commented on 2014/01/16 19:55

    Had been interested in this until I realized this is another one of those idol group stories.

  • commented on 2013/11/13 22:51

    Terminators, of course.

  • commented on 2013/10/26 00:17

    Reminds me of Series 850 vs. Series T-X.

  • commented on 2013/10/20 14:56

    Decapitation! Nice. LOL

  • commented on 2013/10/09 20:05

    Yeah, Desk Diary got an update! Like this series most. Kinda miss the time when I could download a PDF version of the article and bring it all along with me though. ^_^

  • commented on 2013/10/05 12:13

    Is this some kind of central air conditioning system which is installed years after the building was built? Pipe line is a mess.

  • commented on 2013/10/03 02:40

    In my personal opinion, one creator need not response to that specific message or any other rude message of that kind, but need to remember his work has received criticisms and take some time think through it.

  • commented on 2013/10/02 20:13

    Personally I don't favor that kind of "big eye" design much. Way too big. I think criticism, no matter what is a good thing in this industry. It means at least the product got people's attention. How offensive the word is does not matter that much, what matters is there are people come and see the work and don't like it for a reason. Easily get the feeling of being trolled, and after that no matter you fight back or ignore them and do what you want, isn't great. The creator is not the only one that can ignore. Next time the people who once gave the criticism also will, because they don't care anymore.

  • commented on 2013/09/28 13:04

    Honestly I have had enough with smart phones. My next phone will be a feature phone. Has limited functionality, yes, but also more durable and has longer battery life with one charge.

  • commented on 2013/09/20 00:46

    Machine dolls... without ball joint parts! Can't you see joint is romance for some doll and droid fans like me? LOL

  • commented on 2013/09/16 22:32

    The wrist joint design of the new figma architecture brings mix feelings. It enhanced the movability yes, but also is not as good looking as before.

  • commented on 2013/09/16 20:11

    In fact even with the second picture I still think this is a male character but with some special complex about female clothing. LOL

  • commented on 2013/08/31 19:37

    Finally, after all these years! Though the fact that I can not afford one has not been changed in these years. LOL

  • commented on 2013/08/24 21:21

    Zanzibar Land