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Upa Member since 2012/03/14

I am Upa. Collect them all!

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  • Upa
    commented on 2013/04/21 00:33


  • Upa
    commented on 2012/12/21 22:19

    Labcoat = Win

  • Upa
    commented on 2012/11/30 15:55

    Okabe Rintarou

  • Upa
    commented on 2012/11/24 23:37

    For KIDNEMO - BRS TV Ver. Nendoroid For TOYLET - BRS TV Ver. Nendoroid For JLIST - BRS TV Ver. Figma I have faith in you, Black Rock Shooter! I am not sure if Twitter autorisation is working so I am @TheGreatHighYak. Time to do some shopping methinks.

  • Upa
    commented on 2012/09/08 08:12

    Here be my post.

  • Upa
    commented on 2012/05/27 14:32

    A list of trusted and untrustworthy websites for buying from Japan would be good. You had some in your Moekana posts but some were added or taken each time so it may be useful to have one list for reference.

  • Upa
    commented on 2012/05/26 15:47


  • Upa
    commented on 2012/04/03 22:39

    Metal Upa

  • Upa
    commented on 2012/03/14 07:02

    I would like to win this - I think the head is detachable. Thank you!