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ThienThan Member since 2011/07/19

Loves Danny Choo and Good Smile Company!

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  • commented on 2012/05/27 13:59

    I would like to see more light on the other characters in the mirai series such as her younger sister.

  • commented on 2012/04/02 03:39

    People taking your carry-on space.

  • commented on 2012/04/02 03:37

    Free Luggage

  • commented on 2012/04/02 03:36

    Houston, TX.

  • commented on 2012/03/23 03:54

    Love how the Apple Sign and the Glare gives the illusion of what you're trying to hide ;)

  • commented on 2012/03/14 12:16

    Fighting Games Day

  • commented on 2012/03/13 00:49

    I would love to have this Naoe Kanetsugu figure please. Thank you very much, Danny Choo!!/Shugotenshi714/status/179224909808013312

  • commented on 2012/02/28 16:26


  • commented on 2012/02/16 02:35

    That's right! That's me! Shugotenshi aka ThienThan! Arcana Heart 3, BAYBEE!

  • commented on 2012/02/07 15:10

    Jealousy Enrages! A Boss amoungst Heroes!

  • commented on 2012/02/04 02:45

    This is exactly what I've been waiting to hear from, job positions to work with Danny Choo. Unfortunately, I am actually in the process of being eligible for these positions. I hope these job positions are still open by the time I am eligible. I can't wait for the day!

  • commented on 2011/12/22 11:18

    Shikinami Asuka Langley 1/6 Figure by Max Factory ~ Evangelion 2.0 I would like this because its very cold this winter, so I need to look at something that looks like it's freezing more than I am while being hot enough to warm myself up for the holiday season. Talk about sending me mixed messaged.

  • commented on 2011/12/17 21:15

    Hello Danny Choo! I really enjoyed having you at Anime Expo this year during Mikunopolis. You really left an impression on me from how heavily you participated this year. But moving on... Hi, I'm Brian Nguyen, and I'm located in the USA, fortunately enough which made it easier on me to be able to attend Mikunopolis. Miku-san Maji Tenshi! Miku is Truely an Angel! I am currently a student at my local community college, unable to work. Fortunately enough, I have time to be a Competitive Fighting Game Player for my favorite fighter, Arcana Heart 3. Also, last but not least, I love HATSUNE MIKU! ^^

  • commented on 2011/07/19 03:38

    You're darn straight I'm a happy camper! I've wanted that figurine for so long! So glad I was able to get my hands on it straight from Good Smile Company! :D An Honor!