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Terence Au

TIB1224Y Member since 2010/08/10

Aircraft technician in Singapore. Great interest in Japan's Railway industry brings me around!

WSAT / West Singapore · 鉄道車輛技術士/Rolling Stock Specialist ·

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  • commented on 2011/11/16 10:29

    Nice photos!

  • commented on 2011/11/10 22:49

    すげえ! Can't wait to get one at AFA on Saturday~!

  • commented on 2011/06/04 10:50

    キハ54-513, local type diesel car with 2x 250 PS diesel engines, a common workhorse in Hokkaido..

  • commented on 2011/06/04 01:46

    Pratt & Whitney Dependable Engines.. Loved this tagline since working in this industry!

  • commented on 2011/05/18 19:03

    pre-ordered (6 months back XD) can't wait for it to ship~!

  • commented on 2011/05/01 01:10

    Danny and other users out there, I am always awed by how you guys take photos of food with figurines~! Myself is very scared of the figurines getting dirty from the sauce and stuff. Really look forward to put that concern aside and start bringing some of my smaller figurines out and start shooting some pictures with them before taking a meal XD

  • commented on 2011/04/23 12:46

    Ah, an Isuzu bonnet bus XD good old heritage...

  • commented on 2011/04/19 21:43

    should be a nice storyline~! good recommendation will get one and read haha

  • commented on 2011/04/16 23:23

    very tidy compared to my disastrous desk >.< haha, nice!

  • commented on 2011/04/12 07:06

    It is interesting to note that yet another railway company spearheads this Tokyo Sky Tree project (under Tobu Sky Tree Company, part of Tobu Railways (東武鉄道)), shows how far and wide Japanese railway companies does their business...

  • commented on 2011/04/05 20:12

    sad to know about the shortage. lots of stuff depend on this two things not only newspapers and stuff, essential for dissemination of information... toilet paper shortage? XD

  • commented on 2011/04/02 20:48

    Probably just april fools'...

  • commented on 2011/03/31 22:01

    if i am not mistaken it means 'for offloading (of goods)'

  • commented on 2011/03/31 21:58

    sure looks different now without the lights...

  • commented on 2011/03/24 19:41

    I thought, what egg was that attached to the flag, a closer look, ah, the whole flag is a music note, haha~! Will get one for the donation cause.

  • commented on 2011/03/23 20:13

    Ah spotted a Silver 1000 (銀 1000) which is the newest and most commonly seen train on the Keikyu lines! Older versions of it have musical like sounds when starting (so does the Type 2100) and is a very popular spot for train fans. Myself as a transport enthusiast does hope for the best in Japan. Besides, as much as 10 trains and hundreds of kilometers of lines were lost in the disaster. Lives lost was even more paramount than anything else. Pray for the people there. Hope Tokyo and Japan stay safe and people affected to recover soon!

  • commented on 2011/03/22 20:30

    Its actually a real train, Tokyu Corporation (東京急行電鉄) Series 5000 (1st Generation) that was introduced in 1954. Two examples of it is still working in Japan (Kumamoto Railway). This particular 5001 (first unit) was cut out and preserved in front of Shibuya Station, home of Tokyu Corp.

  • commented on 2011/03/22 20:18

    indeed a very expensive earthquake, even for those quite far from the epicenter! this reminds car (matter-of-fact, stuff with wheels) model collectors like myself; get wheel chokes for your models if you are in an earthquake-prone zone!

  • commented on 2010/08/10 23:52

    I guess my initial interest in Japan came from quite a unique angle; by their railroad systems. Ever since I was exposed to the technologies behind how they run trains, it has motivated myself to learn the language and get up to date on their advancement in technology. Like I always like to say jokingly to my friends; Japan trains are not always about cramming on-board! Of course the love in railroad systems also brought about exposure to popular culture. Be assured, my aims of visiting Akihabara (previous time was 4 years back) is about visiting the model stores hidden around corners~!