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SutaHanaTamashi Member since 2015/03/13

Always loved japan for its culture, but also for it's people

Canada · Assassin, but now that you know that I will have to kill you

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  • commented on 2015/03/28 09:27

    a new seasion of culture japan

  • commented on 2015/03/19 01:54

    The Inconvenient Truth On Anime: Japanese Animators Subject To Paid-Slavery hello danny, I'm a huge fan of yours, and for a long time I have followed and watched almost every thing you have posted. how ever I have a huge question about the link I posted at the top of this comment, is it true that animators are paid like this? what is happening in the anime world when it comes to being paid? and what is the anime world really like behind the shows now? sorry for brining this up, but I think this would be a great story to cover on this web site.

  • commented on 2015/03/15 01:10

    Pure Love day (Love- but with a pure heart!)

  • commented on 2015/03/13 11:44

    also I would just like to add this. I really love what you do danny ^.^ I look up too you , and at times, I wish I could work with you, well more the company to be honest ^.^;. Thank you once again for bringing us comrades together from all around the world, it means a lot to me, and so many people! Good Luck !!

  • commented on 2015/03/13 11:34

    I like this idea

  • commented on 2015/03/13 11:31

    Hello danny ,I have a few ideas that can be talked about in meetings later on. One idea is this. Partnerships with more collages. There are plenty of universities that offer students to go over seas and study in an another land, how ever, from what I seen so far, Collages in Canada and parts of America does not offer any kind of over seas programs, and what programs they do offer is this, to only study in japan for less then a week. I believe that Japan should look into partner ships with collages to allow students to study over in japan, that is just an idea. two, more media other then anime should be shown in Canada/America. I love anime, I will get that out of the way, but at the same time I don't always wish to just see anime. I also wish to see, at times, news about japan. I also would love to see some of there shows too. I know that's a lot to ask for, but its just an idea to think about, I believe japan does have a lot of media that would appeal to many people here in the west, If more of the media is shown to young people here in the west, then it might get more young adults interested in the idea of coming to japan and exploring how such media is made, and even being apart of it, just an idea . three, teach more about the history of japan to young people. japan though out the years always had a interesting history. While parts of that history is dark, there are still plenty of history that is interesting and informative as well. If we wish to move forward, then a look into the past could be in the right step. Fourth, And possibly the biggest one of all, "Unskilled" and "Skilled" jobs. As of the last few months, I've been looking into jobs that are offered to people that are out of japan. what I found is this, most of the jobs offered are "Teaching English here" aka a English teacher. or " Work for a big Company there" aka Work for an Company that you need years worth of work experience just to get an job interview. Because of this, I think Most young people are scared off by the idea of doing a job that they possibly will not like and or can not do, and they chose not to come to japan because of that idea. If I had to say so, then there should be more jobs other then "Teaching English" And "Work for a big Company" Possibly there should be jobs available for all people, Like retail stores, From clothing, To tech, To book shops. There should also be jobs for management training too as well. Over all, all types of jobs should be advertised , from retail, to management, to cooking, and more. A good idea is to work with a store that sells either books, manga, and stuff like that, and make a program that allows young adults from over seas to work there for a short time, to help them get use to japan and its culture, just an idea that could be talked about in further detail. these are just an few ideas that I wish to voice out for now, I do have other things I wish to say, but if I go on then this will take all day, that you for reading this If you did danny. I know some, if not all, of what I said might have not matted, but I do think it is worth talking about. I hope everything goes well with you, thank you once again.