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I wished I were a money printer T_T

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  • commented on 2014/03/18 13:10

    So what happens if the authorities caught you without chained tyres...?

  • commented on 2014/01/01 18:14

    Probably the best cup noodle ever.

  • commented on 2014/01/01 18:09

    This has a bit of "Professor creates Powerpuff Girls" vibe to it for some reason...

  • commented on 2013/10/31 22:54

    Empty o_O?? I wished I could have taken a pic of the onsen changing rooms during my recent trip to Hokkaido...but no way can I do that with people walking around here in the nude all the time. lol

  • commented on 2013/10/31 22:52

    Love how the trays provided by the hotel for buffet breakfasts are these nice little square trays divided into 9 parts.

  • commented on 2013/10/31 22:42

    Went to Hokkaido on a packaged tour recently - out of the 4 nights spent there 3 were at onsen ryokans, and one of them was a traditional ryokan that looks pretty much exactly the same as this was awesome.

  • commented on 2012/11/25 23:53

    One thing I really love about Singaporean parking spaces - the status lights above. That way you do not have to drive past row after row looking for a spot - the lights will indicate where there is a space available in real time...

  • commented on 2012/11/25 23:50

    It is a "must buy", thus it is a neccessity...

  • commented on 2012/11/25 23:47

    Probably the ship equivalent of a parking space. Or queue. Or something...

  • commented on 2012/11/25 23:42

    I suppose most current smartphones can only hold out for a maximum of 1 day under heavy usage (3G/ data on, internet access for work, etc). Due to this I am considering to invest in one of those portable battery packs...

  • commented on 2012/11/25 23:31

    I see that the bus stops haven't changed a bit since my good old school days...

  • commented on 2012/10/28 12:30

    Looks like audio heaven to me :3

  • commented on 2012/10/06 02:23

    Even the Black Rock Shoe-ters?

  • commented on 2012/09/29 03:16

    Love CHANxCO's style..!

  • commented on 2012/08/12 13:56

    o.o it's a dakimakura card. For the next booster pack..?

  • commented on 2012/08/12 13:52

    Holy crap! That Jumbo Nendo Miku actually stands taller than Godoka?? @_____@

  • commented on 2012/08/12 13:48

    And this is why my parents had to remind me all the time to not take off my shoes when sitting at a table...

  • commented on 2012/07/25 13:21

    I was just about to say that it was a bit too early for this one to fall thru the ceiling in your home...but then I realised that it was the ceiling in the GSC offices, so no surprises there... By the way, is this a production sample, or the decomaster..? (not sure whether you are allowed to disclose that info...hoho)

  • commented on 2012/07/16 19:45

    What is this I don't even---

  • commented on 2012/07/16 19:43

    Nice one

  • commented on 2012/07/13 17:50

    Really wanted to get her when I saw her restocked on one of the major online retailers...but when I think I still need to pay up for Ultimate Madoka, BRS Animation ver. Nendo + Figma, Saber Triumphant Excalibur, plus the fact that I had already PO-ed the figma re-release and the ex:ride...I had to give up. T_T Anyway I submitted my responses to the Worldwide Otaku Report...hope I get lucky and win her ^^

  • commented on 2012/07/11 13:33

    That's one well-traveled pack of Moekana...^^

  • commented on 2012/06/23 00:50

    Wikipedia-sensei says: It doesn't really refer to the resolution of the screen (as in the iPhone's "Retina Display"), but refers more to the technology behind the LED display itself. There are many variants of AMOLED, differences being in the subpixel layout used - well not gonna elaborate much on that, just read the wiki article =X

  • commented on 2012/06/03 19:19

    Jimmy Choo x Danny Choo exclusive coming soon...??

  • commented on 2012/05/27 15:52

    Random fishes `-`