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LonelyAmure Member since 2010/07/15

A colorful, vibrant 16 year old that is interested in many such things in Japanese and Korean culture, music, video games, and what not.

Bay Area, California · J-Illustrator Guru!~ ·

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  • commented on 2010/08/13 02:24

    LOVE. Tony Taka :3

  • commented on 2010/08/13 02:23

    OH EM GEEE T2 PRODUCTIONS :D Tony Taka <3 I love your figures

  • commented on 2010/08/09 09:14

    I was thinking so ^^; There are a lot of people interested in Nippon-san, no?

  • commented on 2010/08/09 09:09

    Those are some cool mini AKGs~ :)

  • commented on 2010/08/09 09:04

    I would expect there to be no Japanese students~ Why would Nipponjins learn about their own culture if they know it in, out, and through already? ^^;;

  • commented on 2010/08/09 09:03

    Fries... a chicken fillet burger... mmm~ Just the standard run of lunch~

  • commented on 2010/08/09 09:01

    People should start using digital cigarettes... no tar, just vapor = better for the enviroment~

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:59

    Grilled Pineapple should be a standard in every burger I eat D: those are so good~ and the fries...

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:57

    And look, you're all smiling~ XD

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:56

    Well you know Yui won't get fat :) It's just part of her metabolism Such are her awesome special powers~

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:54

    I can make out the image of a person... ><;

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:53

    vector art *-* swirly

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:51

    Naaaa, but isn't it Digital Hollywood University? @_@ I would be surprised to see Nipponjins learning about their own culture in an English University... unless they're born in an English speaking country...

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:46

    I don't think that character has a name but I can tell you the artist is fumio ^^ She's in circle URA-FMO Good luck searching moe imouto or danbooru, whichever imageboard you use

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:44

    Sooo... how much Comikets has Danchu *portmanteau* been to? X) Oh how I wish I could go to one~

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:40

    Show me the goods~

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:39


  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:37

    The glaze on that thing is amazing... I want (・ω・)

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:35

    Shining Wind's Kureha X3 I love her so much~

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:32

    From Amerika-san!

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:30

    Oishii indeed~

  • commented on 2010/08/09 08:27

    Uuuu~ I'd have to say Manga at the bookstore and video games~ The PS2 really made a breakthrough for me in my interest and also Manga has found a lot of my defining elements, personality, and especially my interests~ I'm a big enthusiast of visual art (especially), music, and sciences, and I always found Nippon-san to have all those 3, and even more than what I'm looking for. I'm Californian (kariforunika-san) so I hear a lot about Nippon-san these days. We have anime conventions here, Fanime in SJ, AX in Los Angeles, Comiccon in San Diego... It's impossible for me, that is, to not hear about something Animesque through out my day, whether it's via internet or irl. That being said, if I never heard about Nippon-san, I'd probably have never met this awesome website, met so much Nipponjins, and implement such an outstanding culture into my lifestyle.

  • commented on 2010/08/07 16:02

    Mistakes happen, but she looks so adorable I'd let her get away with anything~ :3

  • commented on 2010/08/07 15:59

    And man this is pretty awesome! I love the bat crest on her head, the gunblades look so cool, I have an unfathomable love for silver hair, the shape of her eyes and the blush on her cheeks = adorable, and the DONUT looks DELICIOUS X3

  • commented on 2010/08/07 15:56

    (屮゚Д゚)屮 おぱんつさまー!!!O PANTSU SAMAAAAA!!!