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  • commented on 2011/05/31 19:42


  • commented on 2011/05/31 19:41

    i do webcomics and fanart. and some animation I guess. ttp://

  • commented on 2011/04/01 19:39


  • commented on 2011/03/09 23:58

    this is a really cool screenshot XD it looks like she's jumping out of the paper.

  • commented on 2011/01/20 20:19

    well, if that did anything it got the usual WTF out of me. lol oh Japan.

  • commented on 2011/01/20 13:48

    OMFG SO...FRICKING...CUTE... *dies*

  • commented on 2010/08/16 00:29

    Multi-Platform plz :D if not PSP or DS

  • commented on 2010/08/05 13:08

    Grrr I got the Fries one, really want the Double Quarter Pounder!!! Trying again today XD

  • commented on 2010/07/24 19:13

    Sounds weird when fixed to English. ...actually oppai pudding sounds weird too. Pudding that aside, wonder if they taste good :B

  • commented on 2010/07/22 14:34

    I like the Pon de Chocola rather than the normal ones :3

  • commented on 2010/07/20 23:31

    oh man, Wonfes, here I come! :D

  • commented on 2010/07/15 21:52

    itz da device of ze FUTURE!! lol

  • commented on 2010/07/13 17:20

    do want BRS figma *_*

  • commented on 2010/05/11 19:38

    Name: Kxela City of residence: Tokyo Phrase: チョーカッコよく: 「いいか、ダニー!!お前を信じろ!! お前を信じるオレでもない、オレが信じるお前でもない。 お前が信じる、お前を信じろ!!」 あと:「俺を誰だと思っていやがる!!!」 Question: アイスの味何が好き?

  • commented on 2010/04/09 22:21

    awesome, just pure awesome. B)

  • commented on 2010/04/06 11:21

    Been Reading Heroman since it started serializing on Shonen GanGan. It's okay, seems a bit more geared towards kids I guess, but it usually not the one I'm excited to read every month. But I think it has a greater potential as an anime... since they actually had in mind making it into an anime from the very start. Might watch it to compare with the manga :)

  • commented on 2010/04/05 23:51


  • commented on 2010/01/27 00:37


  • commented on 2010/01/14 12:02

    rrrgh I`m never in Shibuya at the right times ><

  • commented on 2010/01/10 13:18


  • commented on 2010/01/10 13:18


  • commented on 2009/12/23 18:02

    Loveplus eh... now where did I put that game? >_>

  • commented on 2009/12/23 16:42

    If I think about it School days and Death Note both had amazing and unexpected endings. But I hated them both. Though I thought Makoto's death was just, and Light felt like he was owned by some kid- that annoyed me to no end. In turn I love TTGL and Geass's endings. Even though both end in this silent quiet manner, things were for the most part resolved and had me satisfied. I completely loved the first Fullmetal Alchemist series, but reading the manga and watching brotherhood more makes me feel different about the first series, it was really rather bland and stupid at some points (when compared) but I still liked it.

  • commented on 2009/12/22 19:29

    I've cosplayed some before (wow its been a while) but all of my costumes are eh..."crafted" I guess. Not as nice as how those hardcore cosplayers do so. lol May try my hand at the mascot though :3

  • commented on 2009/12/21 16:00

    cute~ I wamma draw some :3

  • commented on 2009/12/17 14:43

    tis fun~

  • commented on 2009/12/17 14:41

    exactly what I thought XD

  • commented on 2009/12/17 04:03

    Tenori Taiga (Palmtop Tiger) in every sense of the word :D

  • commented on 2009/12/13 12:53

    They look funny and cute XD do want~

  • commented on 2009/12/11 03:51

    ohh yes XD I prefer Epic Miku over Cute Miku. Fits the image of the more darker and awesome songs I like. Do want this since I first saw it :D

  • commented on 2009/12/09 19:00

    Do want K-on! wear :D

  • commented on 2009/12/09 01:34

    wow those are some awesome looking accessories. Took me a second to realized that about the food XD Too bad I can't afford to be part of this world yet :/ in time...

  • commented on 2009/12/08 02:06

    [14:36:50] [14:56:51] [15:16:54]