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    2011/05/31 19:42

    whoops http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=315940

    on How To Draw Manga

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    2011/05/31 19:41

    i do webcomics and fanart. and some animation I guess. http://kxela.deviantart.com/ ttp://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=315940

    on How To Draw Manga

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    2011/04/01 19:39


    on Itamado

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    2011/03/09 23:58

    this is a really cool screenshot XD it looks like she's jumping out of the paper.

    on Culture Japan Season 1 Digest

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    2011/01/20 20:19

    well, if that did anything it got the usual WTF out of me. lol oh Japan.

    on Japan Commercial

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    2011/01/20 13:48

    OMFG SO...FRICKING...CUTE... *dies*

    on Puchi Mirai

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    2010/08/16 00:29

    Multi-Platform plz :D if not PSP or DS

    on Black Rock Shooter Game

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    2010/08/05 13:08

    Grrr I got the Fries one, really want the Double Quarter Pounder!!! Trying again today XD

    on Tokyo Fast Food

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    2010/07/24 19:13

    Sounds weird when fixed to English. ...actually oppai pudding sounds weird too. Pudding that aside, wonder if they taste good :B

    on Japan Breast Pudding

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    2010/07/22 14:34

    I like the Pon de Chocola rather than the normal ones :3

    on Mr Donuts

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    2010/07/20 23:31

    oh man, Wonfes, here I come! :D

    on Black Rock Curry

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    2010/07/15 21:52

    itz da device of ze FUTURE!! lol

    on Tenga Flip Lite

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    2010/07/13 17:20

    do want BRS figma *_*

    on BRS Figures

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    2010/05/11 19:38

    Name: Kxela City of residence: Tokyo Phrase: チョーカッコよく: 「いいか、ダニー!!お前を信じろ!! お前を信じるオレでもない、オレが信じるお前でもない。 お前が信じる、お前を信じろ!!」 あと:「俺を誰...

    on Satomi Sato

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    2010/04/09 22:21

    awesome, just pure awesome. B)

    on Tokyo Dance Trooper in Paris

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    2010/04/06 11:21

    Been Reading Heroman since it started serializing on Shonen GanGan. It's okay, seems a bit more geared towards kids I guess, bu...

    on Heroman

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    2010/04/05 23:51


    on Mugi Kotobuki Giveaway

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    2010/01/27 00:37


    on Tsumugi Kotobuki

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    2010/01/14 12:02

    rrrgh I`m never in Shibuya at the right times ><

    on Japanese Girls

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    2010/01/10 13:18


    on CANAAN Giveaway

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    2010/01/10 13:18


    on CANAAN Giveaway

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    2009/12/23 18:02

    Loveplus eh... now where did I put that game? >_>

    on Takane Manaka

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    2009/12/23 16:42

    If I think about it School days and Death Note both had amazing and unexpected endings. But I hated them both. Though I thou...

    on Series with Horrible Ending

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    2009/12/22 19:29

    I've cosplayed some before (wow its been a while) but all of my costumes are eh..."crafted" I guess. Not as nice as how those h...

    on Otacool 2

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    2009/12/21 16:00

    cute~ I wamma draw some :3

    on Mirai Haruka Kanata

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