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CthulhuXinc Member since 2010/08/25

Favorite Anime: Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing, Akira, Nausicaa. Also a fan of old Morning Musume, I'm talking like Nakazawa, Iieda, and Abe era.

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  • commented on 2011/06/06 23:39

    Great story Danny. I bet those jerk foster parents are real ticked off that you made it big following your dream and are so well loved by many now. In many ways your life is like Harry Potter: you are British, you had evil foster families, but you weaved your magic and came out on top. Japan is maybe like Hogworts??

  • commented on 2011/01/19 09:47

    Yeah, I actually agree with you, sorry it was just a "jerk" reaction (get it? ok I am bad at jokes). A lot of my fellow military personel were actually very uninterested in culture and were just looking to get laid. Some of the stuff they did was embaracing and down right unacceptable. Luckily I tended to keep to myself or a very selected few while in the military and steered away from that type of folk. Still the military was kind of a hurdle in my life so I have to take pride in it and when I see comments like that my initial reaction is negative, sorry about that. Really it comes down to the golden rule: treat others as you'd like to be treated. I can live by that.

  • commented on 2011/01/19 00:20

    I'm throwin' my lot in with Godzilla.

  • commented on 2011/01/19 00:17

    Ah the old Vader carrying case.

  • commented on 2011/01/19 00:16

    Lupin is some great stuff

  • commented on 2011/01/19 00:15

    Rad Vader fig

  • commented on 2011/01/19 00:15

    Vader is awesome.

  • commented on 2011/01/19 00:14

    Godzilla is where it's at!

  • commented on 2011/01/19 00:11

    I lived in Okinawa for 2 years on Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, which I believe is the base they talk about moving. I really enjoyed just relaxing on the beach, eating Okinawa soba, and drinking the local beer Orion. In the summer I think they must have lit fireworks every weekend. Plenty of festivals with good foods and good drinks. As far as the tension goes, yeah I felt it there between the locals and US. I mean that's to be expected. I'd be disgruntled if there was huge amounts of Japanese military bases in my home town too. That said I really enjoyed my experience over there. Also i was surprised to find that many Okinawans don't like to be considered Japanese. I heard from one that it was the mainland's decision to place the US military bases mainly on Okinawa. Not sure if that is accurate. Okinawa also has a distinct Okinawan language that as far as I could tell is completely different than Japanese even though the alphabet seemed to be the same. Something to try for you dare devils that are ever in Okinawa is the habu-sake which is sake that has a dead snake soaking in it. As one of my friends so simply put it "Don't worry, the alcohol neutralizes the venom". Not too sure, but I think a local myth is that eating or drinking anything that has to do with a snake helps you with love.

  • commented on 2011/01/18 23:57

    Okinawa soba is the bee's knees.

  • commented on 2011/01/18 23:55

    You know, not everyone in the military was an arrogant jerk.

  • commented on 2010/12/23 22:23

    Iz don know much abouts Samurai, but I watch Seven Samurai, andz Yojimbo and Iz lovin' 'em! Toshiro Mifune is one of mine favorite actors andz Akira Kurosawa is ones of mine favorite directors!

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:55

    You don need high end graphics fer good game and good time, jus a imagination and beerz.

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:52

    Final Fantasy XIII killed myz heart.

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:44

    A lot of peeps went complainin how therz no Protoss or Zerg single playaz, but really whoz wants to play as those foolz. Space Marines are allz I needin'. Space Marines. Space Marines. Space Marines. A billion starz.

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:42

    Waaaaahhhh jooz talkin' bout? Wii gamez are s*** hard and embody the true essence of gaming and... Wat dis? Cookin' Mama? What dah... BY THE GODS I HAVE BEEN FORSAKEN!!!

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:37

    Woah wait why is Pokemon on the PS3 list? Am Iz seein' dis right? And Mass Effect 2? Stuff is hittin' dah fan!

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:31

    Yep, So Ra No Wo To was best.

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:30

    I'z agrees most wit dis.

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:28

    So ra no wo to was best anime I'd seen in long time. Long time. Noel was best.

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:23

    Dah Future.

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:22

    "Waiz dees humes do dis ta mah!"

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:20

    I remember whenz I ferst gone to Ginza. I got lost in some toy store of some kind and this waz before the gameboy advance was released in states and I saw it and I was like "By Odin's Dark Brood!" Itz amazin'. Theys also had Trigun toys and I buy one.

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:17

    Reach made me throw up. Halo is sci-fi John Madden games.

  • commented on 2010/12/22 06:16

    Oh hot damn look at that I correct myself, Pokemon IS on the list up there. I'ma votin' for zat!