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Image 29/90 for "Otacool Worldwide Cosplayers"

Sat 2010/01/23 15:40 JST 1619027 Views

Name: Alodia Gosiengfiao ( nickname: Alodia)
Age: 21
Country of Residence: Philippines
Years of Cosplay: 7
Favorite Cosplay Character: Amaha Masane of WitchBlade, The Baroness, The Elven Fairy, Misa Amane of Death Note, I-no of Guilty Gear and Lili of Tekken 5.
Website: and My Facebook

Brief Statement:
Hello! I am Alodia, an artist, gamer, blogger, pianist, figure & BJD collector/photographer, model and cosplayer. I started cosplaying along with my sister Ashley when I was 15 years old (2003) and started to get invitations to guest judge cosplay competitions when I turned 18. Since then, my love for cosplay has never faded. In fact, my love for it actually grew greater over time; and that I can also consider cosplaying to have the greatest influence on myself as an individual. One of my life's goal is to spread the passion of cosplaying and bring together great cosplayers and cosplay enthusiasts all over the world - thus CosplayCircle was born.


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