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Image 14/90 for "Otacool Worldwide Cosplayers"

Sat 2010/01/23 15:40 JST 1581350 Views

Name : Wreidyl Denorte ~kinokaoru
Age : 23
Country of residence : Philippines
Years of cosplay : 3
Favorite cosplay character : Tokusatsu/Live action, Kamen rider
Your website link :

Brief statement: Iv'e been a big fan of Tokusatsu shows since childhood and it became one of my childhood dreams to become a Tokusatsu hero one day and Cosplaying has become an opportunity for me to make that dream come true. I also had discovered my talent in props and costume making when I did my very first cosplay and the rest is history..

These photos are from our Masked Rider Decade Photoshoot project
courtesy of: : :

costume is made of craft/rubber foam and leather.

Hey Wreidyl, Please submit a photo of you with costume but no helmet.
How much will you sell me your costume for? ^^;


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