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Image 8/90 for "Otacool Worldwide Cosplayers"

Sat 2010/01/23 15:40 JST 1617938 Views

* Name: Gordon Ho
* Age: 50
* Country of residence: Singapore
* Years of cosplay: 0
* Favorite cosplay character: Sandtrooper Sergeant
* Your website/twitter or facebook link:

Actually being a Sandtrooper isn't really considered cosplaying, we call it costuming. I started out as a Stormtrooper but feels that being dirty is so much more fun. ^^; I love it when kids say to their parent, "Mum, look at this one, so dirty!" or this cute girl who can't decide whether to take a picture with the clean Stormtrooper or dirty me. ^^

Being a Sandtrooper also means you are unique in a way that no second Sandtrooper has the same weathering as you. But unfortunately most people can't really differentiate between a Stormtrooper and a Sandtrooper. Most call a Sandtrooper as a Stormtrooper anyway. ^^;

OK anyway, here are some pics of me with various local cosplayers at a major cosplay event last December. Pardon for the bad shots, it aren't shot professionally, plus bad lightning, messy background etc. But hey, it's still a piece of memorable memory to me. ('~')

Nyan nyan Gordon, please submit photo of yourself without helmet but showing your armor (chest + neck)


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