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Image 3/90 for "Otacool Worldwide Cosplayers"

Sat 2010/01/23 15:40 JST 1580642 Views

And remember - just because your photo is not in this post (was not about to post over 200 photos in a single post), it does not mean you wont be in the book - only entries with blurry, low-res or watermarked photos wont be published - and about 50 entries fall into this category.

There are actually photos in this post that *wont* be in the book because they are low res or watermarked - if that applies to you then please go and replace your photos in your post.

Christina has a great example of how your entries should be - all hi-res with a good selection of photos which show costume and pose from various angles.

Christina also has a full profile - some entries didn't have a profile at all which we cant use.

Many photos were taken on a mobile phone - we cant use those for print - not with today's technology.


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