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Image 1/90 for "Otacool Worldwide Cosplayers"

Sat 2010/01/23 15:40 JST 1639321 Views

Before we start to look at some of the Otacool 2 entries, need to mention a few important things:-

  • Deadline for all entries has been fixed and will be Feb 14th 2010.
  • Looks like we can fit nearly all valid entries into the book. I chose some folks for the cover with Kotobukiya but Koto choose who gets who gets full pages and who gets on the back cover.
  • However, entries that wont be chosen are *any* submissions where photos are blurry, are of low resolution or have watermarks as mentioned in the original post. You will have your own profile page so no need for watermark. Also, we cant print low-res or blurry photos.
  • I have included some photos in this post that either contain watermarks or are of low resolution - it would be a shame if we could not use any of these photos. Please go back and edit your post by replacing photos with non-watermarked high res images.
  • Anything not tagged "otacool, otacool2, otacoolcosplay" cant be considered - tagging helps us identify if you want to submit your work. It also means that your original high res photos are stored on the server.
  • If your cosplay involves wearing helmet - we need a photo of you without it - complicated licensing issues that not I or koto has control of ToT.
  • Photos of you with other cosplayers is fine but you need to put notes under each photo so that the editors know which photos to choose.
  • Deadline for the official Otacool mascot is the Feb 7th 2010. Kotobukiya will decide which illustrator gets the position.
  • Good luck all! Just make sure you submit high res images - not watermarked!


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