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Who is Danny Choo?

Born in the UK to Chinese Malaysian parents and currently residing in Tokyo since 1999, Danny Choo is the creator of a brand called Culture Japan which shares Japanese culture through in-house produced TV Shows, Character Content and a Fashion Doll known as Smart Doll.

Danny also writes about life in Japan as a foreigner on his blog and has been doing so regularly since 2004.

What does Danny do?

Danny directs and presents on the TV shows Culture Japan and Japan Mode which are broadcast weekly on TV channels domestic in Japan and internationally.

Danny is also the creator of Mirai Suenaga (pronounced "mee-rai soo-eh-na -gah") - the mascot character for Culture Japan who has collaborated with various anime and game companies such as Square Enix, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Ascii Media Works, King Records and Nitroplus.
In 2013, Mirai became an official mascot for Japan Tourism and in 2014 she became an official mascot for Malaysia Tourism.

Danny has been recognised for his work by the Japanese government who have appointed him as a member on various high level committees which focus on strategies to disseminate Japanese content outside of Japan.

Career and clients

Previously an Engineer for Japan Airlines, Website Manager at Amazon, Product Manager at Microsoft, Danny developed a proprietary CMS called Mirai Gaia which he licenses out together with marketing services to clients which include Disney, Columbia Music, Konami, Production IG, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, King Records, Kadokawa, Kotobukiya, Ascii Media Works, Nitroplus and Sega.

Speaking Appointments

Danny speaks at conferences and universities worldwide on the subject of Japanese Pop Culture and is the host for two of the worlds largest anime events Anime Expo and Anime Festival Asia.

Danny’s stage work includes speaking for the advertising agency Dentsu at the Cannes Advertising Festival and for SEGA's Vocaloid Hatsune Miku concert Mikunopolis in Los Angeles. Danny is also invited to speak at conferences around the world such as the Mobile World Congress on the subject of Startups and Entrepreneurship.

Danny's spoken languages are English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean.

Find out more

Folks who are interested in learning more can do so in the following extensive posts which cover how and why he is in Japan and how he started up his company against many odds.

The above is written in 3rd person as press and event organizers keep asking for something to copy and paste ^^
Everything below is back to normal written in 1st person.


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