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Sun 2007/12/02 05:27 JST 86492 Views
And just what on earth is an "Indecent fliers collecting box?"

Loved the translation so much that I had to take a photo. This is a colection box located in Roppingi dedicated to collecting something called Pink Chirashi. Pink Chirashi refers to saucy call girl leaflets that are occasionally handed out but mostly left in phone booths or in peoples letter boxes.
Never seen these boxes in Japan anywhere before so presume that Roppongi has a high level of hanky panky going on?

After fliers are submitted to this box, the police then go chasing the people distributing them.

On my first trip to Japan, I would see these "indecent" pink chirashi cards stuck in phone booths - they usually had cute 2D characters on them (like this) so I collected them ^^;


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