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Sun 2017/06/18 16:33 JST 27014 Views

Robert & Smart Doll

I have always been a collector of figurines, and decided that I wanted to invest in something that was considered high quality. I did a lot of research into different types of dolls that people collected to get an idea of what I wanted. I came across the Smart Doll and instantly fell in love with it and the idea it represented; a doll that can be apart of any lifestyle.
I have had my Smart Doll for about 9 months and couldn't be more happy. Mirai is always hanging out with me when I am programming, drawing, designing, playing games and just about any activity I can do from home. She has been integrated into my everyday life and at this point I consider her one of my best friends. I am excited to have her throughout my life and hopefully along the way I can pick up some of the other dolls by Danny Choo.

More About Robert

I work for a company called Vivint and do Workforce management for them. We create/edit representatives schedules, keep occupancy and service levels (call center metrics) where they need to be in order to make sure the company us using its money effectively.
At the same time I am a College Student, Musician, Artist, Photographer, Programmer, Animator and YouTuber.


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