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Image 4/5 for "Be A Part Of the Smart Doll Brand"

Sat 2017/05/06 14:12 JST 179919 Views


If you don’t have too much time for the Lifestyle photo setup shenanigans then you can still help our brand and get goodies at the same time just by sending in a selfie of you and your Smart Doll. I will crop your photo to a square so take note when composing your photo. You don't need to crop your photo as I need to play around with the layout.

This is most recently updated collage - which was actually a while ago. We have so many new Smart Dolls now but this collage only captures a few of them.

As your photos will be bunched together, a plain background or one that is blurred out with a low F-stop on your camera is preferred. Send in the largest resolution your phone can take - you can get somebody to take one of you too. Ideally the Smart Doll should be sitting on your shoulder or held close to your face or the crop will mean that both of you get less real estate.

Remember to avoid strong shadows on the Smart Doll's face and keep their legs closed because they are not that type of girl (or boy).

Folks who submit selfies that get selected will all be sent a gift card to use on the Smart Doll Online store. If your photo is not selected then don't hate me - it could be because that your Smart Doll face ended up looking like a dot due to the composition and size of your photo etc.

Submit your “Selfies” here >


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