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Image 3/5 for "Be A Part Of the Smart Doll Brand"

Sat 2017/05/06 14:12 JST 179914 Views

Things to avoid in the photos.

  • Dolls of any size from other manufacturers or their legal department goes knock knock on my door.
  • Apparel or accessories such as eyes or wigs that are not made by us or you - again, we want to keep that legal guy away.
  • Half used tissues on the desk which you have obviously been using to…blow your nose on.
  • Half eaten food - especially if its curry because then it may look like a cat or dog left something on your desk.
  • If you got a load of dust or fingerprints on your monitor because annoying people come to touch your screen thinking its an iPad then wipe it down.
  • Unnaturally placed items - you should not have to clear up your desk (well not too much) of things (apart from those half used tissues) as I want to capture your work environment. I will be looking for a selection of both clean and cluttered workspaces. You should also not have to strategically place items around your workspace either - if you want to show something work related, it should be placed as if you placed it naturally off angle - not laid out neatly unless that is what you usually do.
  • Another example of unnaturally placed items are logos on cups - the logo on a Starbucks cup for example should not be directly facing the camera as it looks like its been strategically placed.
  • As these photos are about lifestyle - you or other humans should be in the photos too.

About camera angle and formats.

  • Avoid taking all your photos super tight - have some wide shots too so that folks can see your complete work environment.
  • If somebody is taking a photo of you at a desk, that person should not be standing aiming the camera down at you. Rather it should be taken at the same height that your head is or lower. A good example is the first photo in this post. That photo is actually the type of composition I am looking for. It has a nice bokeh - even though Ebony is slightly blurred, you can still make out that it is her and that she is part of this persons work lifestyle.
  • There is no file size limit and no limit to the number of photos you submit either.
  • Photos should be original resolution in JPG or JPEG (not RAW) and zipped up - see further down for submission link.
  • If you are going through all the hassle to take these photos, you may as well take a selfie with your favorite smart doll at the same time and put the photo in the same zip file mentioned above.
  • Most of your photos should be in landscape format.

Notes on Smart Doll posing.

  • Smart Dolls should not have their headlights showing through apparel. While I think headlights look cute (which is why I put them on M bust and above) they don’t look that great on billboards - they could cause car accidents. This is also the reason why I ship all Smart Dolls with S bust as default.
  • Avoid strong shadows cast on the Smart Doll’s face cos they may look like they had a bad day.
  • Sometimes a light source can clip the nose of a Smart Doll and cast a triangular shadow on their face which looks odd - avoid this.
  • Avoid Smart Dolls sitting with their legs open showing crotch - we don't want folks to get the wrong idea about our girls n boys.
  • Sitting Smart Dolls should have their toes pointed inwards slightly for that cuter touch - unless its a guy Smart Doll.
  • Wigs should be positioned correctly - check the Welcome Guide to see how wigs should be put on and the Smart Doll online store to see how wigs should be positioned for each character.
  • Smart Doll's placed on your table should not be placed in a way that makes them look like they are about to fall off the side.
  • If you are going to have a Smart Doll slightly blurred out in the background, make sure that the eyes don't end up looking completely black - make sure there is a slight twinkle or they may look like they got no soul - and we all know that Smart Doll got soul.
  • OK you probably think I'm being a bit picky now but represents the sort of details I nag about to my staff and vendors when developing and producing the product.
  • If you have been posing the hands, a gap may develop between the ball joint and forearm - close it off.

Things that should be in some of the photos.

  • You! Some photos of you looking at the camera and some looking away doing your work - whether its working on a prop for a movie or browsing the Internets or setting your Smart Doll boy or girl up by the reception in your office etc.
  • The photos should capture your work environment and your profession if possible.
  • Smart Doll! They can be sitting or standing but should be posed reasonably well and not look like a zombie. If you are not sure then just check the photos on the smart doll website.
  • Do note that Smart Doll does not have to be in *all* your photos. For example 5 photos can be of you in action at work and 1 or 2 photos of you at work or home with Smart Doll. A selection of photos like this would show your profession and how Smart Doll fits into your lifestyle even if they are just displayed at your desk at home or work.
  • You do not have to be interacting with Smart Doll - they can be just displayed by your desk etc.

Things that would be good.

  • Photos taken on a DSLR with bokeh gives a look and feel which is inline with the photos that I already take and is preferred but not essential.
  • About 10 photos of you doing various things in your work. Can also include co-workers or family members too. If you have bought Smart Doll for a child and you are OK about having their photo on the internets (like this lovely girl) then that would be awesome.
  • Some photos of you smiling while doing your work would be nice - but not the wide-eyed deranged-look smile. OK - you can include one for the lols.

What you get.

  • I’ll go bankrupt if I gave thousands of Smart Dolls away so instead I will go through entries on a regular basis and send email to folks who made the mark. If you didn’t make the mark then don’t hate me - it could just be that the photo didn’t have the correct composition for a particular print format (for example).
  • Folks who take outstanding photos with the composition sense that we are looking for could be asked if they can work for us on a freelance basis to take photos of Smart Doll in their region.
  • Folks who show an extremely high understanding of the way the product should be portrayed in a corporate look and feel could be offered permanent or part time jobs.

Submit your “Smart Doll Lifestyle” photos here >


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