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Sun 2017/04/02 14:21 JST 4461081 Views

Mirai Store Tokyo

Mirai Store Tokyo is our flagship store located in Gotanda Tokyo. Here you can pick up any of our Smart Dolls which we always make sure we have in stock. We also do a workshop where you can make your own Smart Doll and because we don't have to make it for you, you get it for a touch cheaper.
You can also check out our official retailers located in various parts of the world.

Visit Mirai Store Tokyo >


Culture Japan Malaysia's Team
Tue 2017/12/19  0  496824
Checking Out Of Traders
Tue 2017/12/19  2  410944
A Few Smart Doll Left
Tue 2017/12/19  2  424069
CF Day 2 Completely Packed
Tue 2017/12/19  1  421864

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