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Traditional Japanese wear being designed for the Yamagata Prefecture

Sun 2017/04/02 14:21 JST 3902943 Views
Traditional Japanese wear being designed for the Yamagata Prefecture

Precision Apparel Design

Designing apparel for Smart Doll requires extreme precision and patience. While the size that we work with (1/3 scale) enables us to create a realistic look and feel, the techniques involved go above and beyond the skill set of your average human fashion designer.

Our team of designers all hail from a background of human fashion who took the leap out of their comfort zone to take on the challenge to learn apparel design for Smart Doll. Our prototypes are all developed in our HQ and patterns are then sent to our partner factories located mainly in Kyuushu and Tokyo.

We work with apparel makers such as Tsujiyosoten and Future Brand who have been empowered by our apparel dev team with Smart Doll apparel making techniques.


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