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Our soft vinyl casting facility in Katsushika Tokyo

Sun 2017/04/02 14:21 JST 4516042 Views
Our soft vinyl casting facility in Katsushika Tokyo

Designed And Made In Japan

Smart Doll is designed and manufactured in Japan utilizing modern 3D prototyping technologies together with traditional casting techniques.
I’ve documented the manufacture processes extensively - folks interested in any form of product manufacture can apply the ideas and knowledge to their own creative projects too.

Learn more about the manufacture process of Smart Doll >


Culture Japan Malaysia's Team
Tue 2017/12/19  0  519012
Checking Out Of Traders
Tue 2017/12/19  2  424708
A Few Smart Doll Left
Tue 2017/12/19  2  438359
CF Day 2 Completely Packed
Tue 2017/12/19  1  435892

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