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Mirai stopping at a cafe in Soho London

Sun 2017/04/02 14:21 JST 4245070 Views
Mirai stopping at a cafe in Soho London

The physical size of Smart Doll means that we can create apparel and hair style designs that closely match the detail of their human counterparts.

Various eye color and hair styles are also available as customization options. Just as some folks prefer coffee in Grande or Venti, we also provide large cup sizes too.
Check out our customization options for Smart Doll >


Culture Japan Malaysia's Team
Tue 2017/12/19  0  407760
Checking Out Of Traders
Tue 2017/12/19  2  349212
A Few Smart Doll Left
Tue 2017/12/19  2  364529
CF Day 2 Completely Packed
Tue 2017/12/19  1  357774

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