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Mirai taking in some fresh air somewhere in Arizona

Sun 2017/04/02 14:21 JST 3902991 Views
Mirai taking in some fresh air somewhere in Arizona

What is Smart Doll?

Smart Doll is a new standard in fashion doll that not only enables artists, designers and photographers to enhance their creativity, but to also enrich the lifestyles of folks who not only appreciate Japanese culture - but cute things too.

Designed by Danny Choo, the 1/3 scale (60 cm or 2 feet tall) Smart Doll encompasses Japanese cultural elements such as design philosophy, the Anime (Japanese animation) look and feel through to the traditional casting methods used in the manufacturing process right here in Japan.


Culture Japan Malaysia's Team
Tue 2017/12/19  0  156681
Checking Out Of Traders
Tue 2017/12/19  2  121868
A Few Smart Doll Left
Tue 2017/12/19  2  135567
CF Day 2 Completely Packed
Tue 2017/12/19  1  132703

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