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Fri 2008/03/14 03:20 JST 296353 Views

Mirai Gaia

Using knowledge gained from my years at Amazon, I decided take all the platforms that I previously developed and merge them into one platform called Mirai Gaia. Now all clients get the same platform but is flexible enough to adapt to many different client needs.

The diagram below shows how Carrot (consumer generated/SNS), Nav2.0 (blog publishing) and Gaia (e-commerce) merge to form the Mirai Gaia platform.

Mirai Gaia consists of the Client and Core. The Client is a directory where clients update their skeleton files and CSS. Its also where all the consumer generated media is kept. All this is separated from the Core. The Core is where all the functionality of the platform lives.

What we do at Mirai Inc is push updates to the Core directory on each of our clients servers - a bit like how you get updates to your Windows or Mac OSX - leaving your personal files and settings intact.

This model means that we can maintain hundreds (thousands) of websites running on the platform with the minimal amount of staff and cost.
This is also great for the clients too as it means they constantly get updates to their website which improve the user experience.

Mirai Gaia is initially being licensed to Japanese corporations.


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