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Fri 2008/03/14 03:20 JST 296476 Views

Mirai Inc the startup

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the above, I set up Mirai Inc for different reasons - none of the reasons being "set-up-company-with-goal-of-selling-it."

One of the main reasons for setting up the company is because I look at the reality of how short life is. Theres not much of it left no matter how old/young we are and we should make the best of it by doing what we enjoy the most.

Unfortunately, just living the rest of our lives enjoying ourself is not realistic because of our economic commitments - we still need to pay the rent and feed ourselves - the first two layers in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

But what if we can fulfill those economic commitments and have fun at the same time? This is possible through working in a field that one is passionate about - thats what Mirai Inc is about. It's a business entity which allows us to do what we love and know best - building large scale web platforms. Most of our clients are in the figure, anime and eroge industry which makes what we do even more fun.

Mirai Inc the first year

So what has the first year been like for Mirai Inc? As I talked before, I've always had other forms of income while I was serving at Amazon and Microsoft and you can read all the reasons why it's dangerous to have only one form of income.

Since Mirai Inc started up as a business, I've been approached by several investors offering X million dollars of investment but have declined all offers for these reasons.
I was running the company from savings made through affiliate earnings (Amazon, Google Adsense etc) and from the monies I gained through side projects while I was a salary man. Up until Hector joined, It was my wife as Finance Director, my developers who sit overseas and myself.

The first year was spent mostly on consulting for other internet startups, building up the client base and of course working on this site. Not only does this site enable me to publish subjects that I'm passionate about, it also brings in money through advertising, affiliate earnings and also brings in much business client too. The most important thing however is that it enables me to meet other Japan/otaku who are thousands of miles away in different countries. I learn a lot about your region through your participation and hope that other members feel the same. Its also great to meet up and connect with readers too.

Mirai Inc the mission

The mission has changed just a little since I started the company. Before the company was set up, I was building different solutions for different clients. So company "Moo" gets a website made just for "Moo," company "Boo" gets a website just for "Boo." This is how a typical web development solution company operates and can only scale by adding more staff to maintain what could lead to hundreds of websites all running different code.


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