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Fri 2008/03/14 03:20 JST 296622 Views

It gives me great pleasure in announcing that Hector Garcia has joined Mirai Inc as our Chief Technologist.

Hector brings to Mirai many years of technical experience and know-how on delivering high traffic sites like Technorati and at the Digital Garage Group.
Before he left Digital Garage, he launched the Hyobans digital news blog portal which has gained millions of page views within a short time.
Prior to Digital Garage, Hector lead projects as an engineer at Asahi Kasei and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). For those who dont know, this is where the Word Wide Web was born.

In his spare time, Hector enjoys gaming on his Wii, taking photos around Tokyo and is currently reading the Haruhi novel and catching up on his Haruhi anime watching. And when Hector is not reading books - he's writing them. Hector's first publication will be released in April entitled "A geek in Japan" - will initially be in Spanish.


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