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Image 18/51 for "Welcome to Smart Doll Land"

Sun 2015/11/01 16:40 JST 737467 Views

Something is leaking!

The frame inside Smart Doll is made of sturdy POM (Polyoxymethylene) which is essential to the durability of Smart Doll. We need to apply small amount of grease to the joints and some may seep out from the wrists or ankles when you first get them - all you need to do is to wipe it off with some tissue paper or your best friends T-shirt.


Culture Japan Malaysia's Team
Tue 2017/12/19  0  414253
Checking Out Of Traders
Tue 2017/12/19  2  354049
A Few Smart Doll Left
Tue 2017/12/19  2  369179
CF Day 2 Completely Packed
Tue 2017/12/19  1  362313

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