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Tue 2015/11/03 20:20 JST 523325 Views

While I was doing research on standing desks, I saw articles about how sitting down while computing was compared to smoking and how it's apparently killing us softly.

I also read about how many people try the standing desk thing for a while and give up because they get too tired. I did get very tired from time to time and tried to figure out why seeing that I used to stand up for 12 hours on end working at a Japanese restaurant without feeling tired.

I saw a trend and compared it to my time as a waiter. I noticed that I didn't feel tired when I had a load of tasks at hand to get though which was when I was most focused.
On the other hand I would start to feel tired when I was doing browsing research - during this mode I'm absorbing information rather than focusing on a task.

After 6 weeks of working at my standing desk so far, I have not had a single Sciatica attack. My toes do feel numb not no pain. I also feel must accustomed to standing when working and hardly get tired even during that "research" mode.

These days I also prefer to walk rather than bike it to and from work which is probably contributing to my recovery too.

How do you work at home and work? Any of you using a standing desk?
Which reminds me - I'm supposed to be working on a new series of OTACOOL focusing on worldwide workspaces again><


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