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Tue 2015/11/03 20:20 JST 523276 Views

Meanwhile back in the office - this is what my workspace used to look like.

Some folks say that the chairs we use in the office are not the most ergonomical for lumbar support but then I see many conflicting opinions regarding how one should be sat at their desk - some say sitting upright while some say leaning slightly back. Even doctors will come up with their own opinions of how one should be sat.

The conclusion I came up with is that one should at least be sitting upright and make an effort not to slouch as it's the curved back during a slouch that contributes to the spinal discs being pushed out.

No matter what chair I sit in, it's difficult for me to focus on keeping my back upright while focusing on work at the same time - I would prefer to stand and focus on work.

While I prefer to stand while working, I do make a point of sitting down from time to time to work which I will do at the kitchen table at home or communal tables at work.


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