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Tue 2015/11/03 20:20 JST 530019 Views

As some of you may know, I have an illness called Spinal Hernia which brings about a condition called Sciatica where one (or more) of the discs in the spine touches the sciatic nerve causing pain to run down the leg. The pain can vary from slight numbness to a can-somebody-please-shoot-me-and-get-me-out-of-this-misery degree.

Many variables can bring on what I call a Sciatica Attack and after lying in bed for a week after the most recent bout, I came to a few conclusions about Sciatica from info on the Internets.

I usually had Sciatica attacks when in Japan - never when I'm overseas and I currently spend nearly half a year traveling outside of Japan for work. I took a look at what I did in Japan that I didn't do when overseas.

1. As with most oppai fans, I drink a lot of milk - in my tea, coffee and with cereal. Outside of Japan, I don't always get to drink milk especially when in Asia as Asia seems to be more of a Soy Milk culture rather than the moo moo variety.

2. I drink coffee - not a heavy drinker but usually once a day.

3. I sit down a lot - in front of the mac managing projects, writing and researching.

4. I don't walk long distances - I try to save as much time as possible so I had been using the electric skateboard to get to work. On the board, all I do is lean back n forth to turn corners.

The Internets say that a reduction of caffeine is recommended for folks who have sciatica but I can't see a direct relation. There is also nothing to suggest that oppai, I mean milk, has anything to do with spinal hernia - unless one is unfortunate enough to get their back squashed by oppai on a daily basis.

Sitting down a lot and hardly using my legs to walk seems to be a major factor in my case. Right before my last sciatica attack, I was down in front of my mac over the weekend for hours on end - I woke up the following Monday experiencing the most physical pain that I had ever been through. I say "physical" but I realized that I was being damaged mentally too as fighting the pain requires a lot of brain juice.

I recovered (for now) after two injections to the spine - this blocks the pain and allows me to continue with my daily activities which stimulates the herniated disc to heal. This photo was taken that Monday morning before the first injection.

I never ever want to go through that pain again and as soon as I recovered I started to get a phobia from sitting down for prolonged periods. To remedy this I decided to get a standing desk.

I will talk about Sciatica treatment in Japan in another post but for now its onto how I put together my standing desk.


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