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Thu 2015/04/02 21:58 JST 3287038 Views

By July 2014, that time had come and we had sold enough dolls to be able to pay upfront 6 months worth of rent (deposit) + 2 months in advance.

Here I am at the office that we eventually chose in Gotanda which my absolutely most most awesome wife found for us ^o^

Although I was smiling in the photo, it wasn't all roses looking for an office. Unfortunately, there is still a thing about landlords not wanting to rent out their property to foreigners - regardless whether or not you can pay all the required cash upfront.

Through past experience, I would always ask the estate agent to ask the landlord whether they rent to gaijin (foreigners) to avoid dissapointment after falling in love with a property. Despise this, we went round to a few places and still were told "no gaijin" *after* we looked at the properties.

There wasn't just the gaijin issue though - even though Mirai Inc is my company, I get paid a salary just like everybody else and my wages were the lowest in the company - no point paying myself lavishly while watching my own company suffer.

When applying for an office where the monthly rent is more than my salary, I was told that I could not possibly pay the rent despite that I could show that my company was making money.

I would then be asked to show last years earnings report but all I could show was that we were in the red because we used so much cash on the molds and development of Smart Doll.

After having the door slammed in my face time after time, I got rather depressed and broke down. But its OK to break down once in a while - keeping those depressing feelings all cooped up inside is probably not good for oneself.

5 mins later after wiping my grubby smeary face I was up on my two feet again even more determined to pull through.


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