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Thu 2015/04/02 21:58 JST 3118258 Views

After about a year and a half of development, we released the first Smart Doll 001 which was modeled after our mascot Mirai Suenaga. The demand for her was way more than I anticipated.

We were still stuck in my house without much room to grow but I needed to scale the production line as soon as possible while demand was high. The steady cash flow that came into the company meant that we could soon secure a new office but had to continue working with the space that we had until we had the cash.

Renting an office is a bit different than renting a residential apartment where the office landlord can require up to 6 months rent and we were looking at about 800,000 yen per month for the space that we would need to expand the business for the next year or so.


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