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Thu 2015/04/02 21:58 JST 3287094 Views

When we first launched Smart Doll, Mirai was shipped fully clothed in the clear box - ideally this is great as it's inline with my vision to create a product for the masses and not just for doll consumers.
Being fully clothed in the box means that folks who see the product for the first time on the shelves will see what is inside and how smart Mirai looks ^^

In practice however this wasn't such a good idea - Smart Dolls that were shipped domestically in Japan arrived in good condition. Folks overseas however got a shock as Mirai became restless on the journey over the seas and arrived looking like a zombie ><

But it was a great learning that we would never have gained unless we tried - the tall clear case was the first generation packaging and now we are on the second generation.


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