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Fri 2009/09/18 16:04 JST 19592981 Views

TV Production - Culture Japan & Japan Mode

I direct, produce and present on a TV show called Culture Japan which covers Japanese Pop and Traditional culture.
The show is broadcast on Tokyo MX TV in Japan and across the world on various cable, terrestrial and online networks including Animax Asia, Mnet in America and Crunchyroll.

While Culture Japan is targeted at folks outside of Japan, the national broadcast in Japan became particularly popular in its second season often trending on Twitter after each episode.

I also present on a TV show called Japan Mode which focuses on Japanese lifestyle. Japan Mode is broadcast on FOX's Star World channel across Asia and is sponsored by Panasonic and Toyota.

Apart from Culture Japan and Japan Mode, I also have a TV show broadcast in the mornings on Japanese TV (Tokyo MX TV) called Check Time which focuses on business related to Japanese Pop Culture.


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