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Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2007/07/27 18:30 JST In Japan
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If you are sending your kids to school in Japan and they come home complaining about hunger every day, then its probably because you are sending them to Sendai Primary school...

Below is a comparison of meals at different primary schools dotted around Japan (larger image here). Thrown in for good measure are photos of prison meals and what meals looked like in 1927 and 1950.
Now compare that to what kids are eating at Sendai Primary school (the bottom two photos). Pretty evident that the headmaster is pocketing tuition fees to buy Candy Girls.
You can see more photos of Sendai Primary School meals at Itai News.

This reminds me of a particular meal I had when I was in Stoke Newington Primary school back in London. I was cutting into a mince pie when I saw something squisshy that had white hairs on it. On closer inspection I see that it was a freshly baked hairy caterpillar. Yum.

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