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Singapore Trip

Mon 2008/11/03 08:04 JST

Apart from the bloggers workshop for Animax, I will also be speaking at the Promax bda conference on the 17-18th of this month in Singapore.

A bit about Promax BDA below.

Promax|BDA is the world's largest television marketing conference attracting industry leaders and executives from top television networks, cable channels, local stations, station groups, distribution, syndication, media and creative agency, design and emerging media.

Through sessions, panels, exhibits and screenings, Promax|BDA brings together the world's leading creative and strategic marketing professionals for three days of dialogue, debate and discussion about the international business of television marketing, promotion and design.

Last year we welcomed over 3,500 attendees from around the globe, including more than 700 local station executives from over 150 television markets in the United States. Our delegation is made up of television marketing professionals who are tasked with driving the value of entertainment by finding new and innovative ways of attracting audiences to their parent companies' networks, stations and brands. The aim of the organization is to lead the international conversation about the role of marketing, promotion and design in the monetization of media.

More than ever, marketers play the pivotal role in the business of television. And Promax|BDA 2008 is about putting them in the driver's seat.

I'm scheduled to speak on the 17th. I will be covering otaku subculture, dannychoo.com, mirai.fm and the CGM e-commerce platform Mirai Gaia.

Other speakers include:-
- Mike Reiss (Simpsons)
- Alan James (Head of Media Planning BBC)
- Alexis R. Brunner Alexis R. Brunner (Vice President/Creative Director Animal Planet Media )
- Andreas Uiker ( Vice President RTL II Television )
- Andy Byrant ( Director, Creative Red Bee Media )
And a load of others - full list of speakers at Promax bda.

Attendees will mostly be media folk and admission probably paid by their companies as admission is 1050 Singapore dollars per seat.

The venue will be at the old parliament - not sure what that is but a search on Flickr brings up this photo.

As for the Animax blogging event - different teams seem to be sending out the invites so if you don't have yours then sit tight as I have sent all the mails I was CC'ed on over to Animax and have personally requested that you be given priority.

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Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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