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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2007/07/28 17:44 JST In Figures
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Didnt pay any attention whatsoever when the release info for this figure of Yuukanalia came out. Then I saw SuperRats review and ordered her straight away!
As you can see, my Yuukanalia doesnt have wings because they broke off (they break easily). I'm so used to seeing her without wings now that it doesn't really bother me.

Apart from the fact that the wings break easily, I don't have any complaints. Paint and sculpting are great. There are slight mold lines on the legs but you don't really notice unless you shine a bright light on her.

Yuukanalia is certainly the most ecchi figure I have at the moment (which my wife pointed out for me ^^;)
Her face in particular is really cute. She also has a huge pair of eyes but its a shame that her hair covers em ^;
Also added some images of Yuukanalia to the wallpaper pool.


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